Why healthy tastemakers are flipping over crystal-infused water

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Photo: Nectar Cafe

Could mega-happiness, self-love, and flashes of brilliant insight be just a glass of water away?

Some of today’s top wellness influencers say yes…that is, as long as the H2O in question has been infused with some supercharged healing crystals.

So-called high-vibration water isn’t new, by any means—some sources say that even the ancient Greeks dropped gemstones in the bottom of their water jugs—but it’s only recently that it has made its way onto healthy menus and store shelves.

At London’s Nectar Café (attached to Camden’s Triyoga studio), for example, bottles of Blue Moon Dream Water (a tonic that’s charged with lapis lazuli and infused with anti-inflammatory clitoria flower and cleansing sage) are on offer for more than just post-vinyasa hydration. “Lapis lazuli reveals inner truth and promotes self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge,” explains Nectar founder Katia Narain Philips. “We also add in a special sacred moon extract that Michael Isted from The Herball makes—it contains mugwort, known to help interpret dreams and gain insight into spiritual and magical work.”

Rock and Raw's Crystal Water
Photo: Rock and Raw

Some may raise an eyebrow at those claims, but according to Dream Water die-hard and fine jewelry designer Lucy Sherwood of Rock & Raw, it’s well worth the £2.50 (around $3.50 USD) price tag. “It feels like the best possible way to replenish nutrients, particularly after meditation or yoga,” she says. “It tastes super clean and cleansing, like a clear blue sky on the coldest day of  winter. The sage is subtle, but beautifully refreshing.” A meditation instructor, Sherwood has gotten so into crystal water that she makes her own blends for client sessions and workshops.

Unsurprisingly, high-vibe hydration has also made its way to Los Angeles. Holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman regularly picks up jugs of Divine H2O‘s LOVE water, which is said to be programmed with a loving, healing intention utilizing crystals; formulations for harmony, joy, peace, prosperity, and power are also on offer. “I enjoy it personally and recommend it to clients, because I believe water will respond to whatever intent you throw at it,” says Goodman. (She’s not the only one—Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto argued the same point in his 2005 best-seller, The Hidden Messages in Water.) “We make the Detox Tonics for our S.O.U.P Cleanse with LOVE water and we get so many positive comments and requests for it. People report feeling energized and that they have ease in digestion for the day.”

So how does a crystal work its supposed magic on water, exactly? “Water is a universal storage medium, and becomes attuned with the unique vibrations of a crystal during the infusion process,” says Lauren Glucina, a student of naturopathy and herbal medicine who created popular wellness blog Ascension Kitchen. “Upon drinking the infusion, we take in the vibrations and etheric properties transferred over from the crystal. These subtle energies are thought to have a positive influence over the organs in the body, and amplify consciousness.”

While it might not have the backing of the science community, Glucina recommends that you try it yourself to see how it affects you (if at all). As she explains, you just “place a cleansed crystal first in a small glass jar, then stand the jar in a larger bowl of pure spring water. Leave it to charge in the sun for several hours, after which you can remove the crystal and transfer the water to the fridge for drinking, or a dropper bottle for dispensing throughout the day.”

Her favorite sipping stones include energizing carnelian (“the ginseng of gemstones”), rose quartz for loving energy, and clear quartz “because you can program it with a specific intention for healing.” And if nothing else, you’ll feel smarter, healthier, and happier simply because you’re more hydrated—whatever helps you get to those recommended eight glasses a day, right?

Another day, another H2O trend? Get the scoop on maple water, rose water, beauty waterfat water (nope, not a typo), and more newfangled alternatives to the tap. 

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