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Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie

Just in time for spring, a renewing blender-booster for your bod, digestion, and skin.
(Photo: Jennifer Kass for Well+Good)


Pardon the shouting, but spring has sprung! The trees are sprouting buds, the birds are back, and so is your morning run. Now is the perfect time for spring cleaning, inside and out. So we’ll be sipping on this month’s bright pink smoothie, which packs plenty of renewing ingredients for your bod, digestion, and skin. Hey, why not have it all?

Antioxidant-rich raspberries fight free radicals, and have plenty of fiber, vitamin C, and beautifying manganese and vitamin K (goodbye, winter lackluster skin). Dandelion root tea, the holistic bloat-buster, supports the lymphatic system and liver—a welcome break after one-too-many cold nights of wine and TV. Not that you ever…

A whole lemon (yes, a whole one) makes this smoothie a powerful alkalizer and a health-booster. Fatigue-fighting fresh mint provides a kick of energy, and it’s finished off with a drop of honey, because a little locally derived sweetness boosts immunity. Spring, we’re so glad you’re here. —Jennifer Kass

Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie

Blend and enjoy!

1 cup dandelion root tea (chilled)
1 cup frozen organic raspberries
1 lemon
10 fresh mint leaves
1 Tbsp raw honey (ideally local)