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(Photo: Yinova Center)
(Photo: Yinova Center)

Ready for your healthiest, most successful fall ever? We asked top wellness experts for smart yet simple tips that will help keep you focused, productive, and stress-free all season long—whether you’re on a land-a-promotion track or a healthier eating mission.

For your fall toolkit: Get energy by eating in tune with the season and try an ancient immune booster

Jill Blakeway, author, renowned acupuncturist, and founder of the Yinova Center, explains

The movement of autumn in Chinese philosophy is downward, and this is reflected in the root vegetables that are available at this time of year. Unlike leafy, summer vegetables that get their energy by soaking up the sun’s rays, fall root vegetables reach down into the ground to get their sustenance and we in turn are nourished and sustained when we eat them. Also in season are tree fruits such as apples and pears, which have used the summer sun to ripen. In Chinese Medicine, they are said to have stored the energy of the sun and we benefit from this energy by eating them in the run-up to winter. So, be inspired by the change in season to transition from cooling summer salads to warming soups that are rich in root veggies. Nourishing yourself with warming foods is considered a great way to build up energy for the long winter ahead.

In the fall, I also start taking an ancient immune booster—a traditional Chinese herbal formula called Jade Wind Screen. Known in China as Yu Ping Feng San, it contains Bai zhu/white atractylodes, Fang feng/siler root and Huang qi/astragulus. It’s been used in China for over 800 years to boost the immune system, and I take it in the fall to prepare for cold and flu season. Patients cough on me all day, and this formula is my secret weapon. It has meant that in over 15 years in practice, I’ve never had to miss work because of a cold. —Jamie McKillop

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