7 simple summer beauty staples every woman must own

The beauty products you use during the sunniest, meltiest months have to work extra hard to deliver on their beautifying promises. These make it super easy.
Summer_skincare_beauty There’s a reason (besides marketing) that summer beauty is a thing.

The products that make up your regimen during the sunniest months have to work extra hard to help you beat the heat, while delivering on their beautifying, cleansing, moisturizing—but not pore-clogging!—promises.

Which ones melted our hearts? These seven simple skin-care products, all of which are beach-tote and gym-bag friendly, too. Look forward to a season of great hair and skin.Melisse Gelula

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lulu mini organic dry shampoo Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo, $10

With the magic of dry shampoo and $10, you can get to work on time right after a morning workout, absorb oil/add volume back at the end of the work day, or extend a blowout by a day or two (or three). And if you have no idea how to use this hair-helper, read our tips here.

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Suntegrity Tint sunscreen Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, $45

If you apply this amazing tinted moisturizer, primer, sunscreen combo after you cleanse and slather any special skin-care treatments you use, you’re helping protect your skin from the number one cause of premature aging: UV rays. That’s actually reason enough to use it year-round.

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ilia-beauty-transparent-powder-fade-into-you-p Ilia Beauty Fade Into You Finishing Powder Brush, $34

Yes, we sang its praises in our must-haves for spring, but even then we knew we’d want to use it all summer long. That’s because the chic powder-brush duo that dispenses mattifying bamboo powder and hydrating aloe extract absorbs shine, evens out skin tone, and does so without leaving you looking ghostly—just glowy.

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arcona_hydrating_serum Arcona Hydrating Serum, $39

Los Angeles’s Arcona skin-care spa created this unsung summer hero—a super lightweight serum that’s also affordable compared to others in its category. It’s a simple, cooling mix of aloe, witch hazel, and moisture-drawing hyaluronic acid (which draws 1,000 times its weight in water yet feels light as a gel)—often all your skin can take in summer, especially after a workout. And bonus, it barely has a scent.

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w3ll-people-universalist-group-p W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-Use Color Sticks, $34.50 each

It’s a bronzer, lipstick, blush, luminous eye shadow—you name it. These super-hot, all-natural multitasking sticks are exactly what busy, (eco) glam women stash in their handbags to keep looking fresh and pretty in a flash. (In fact, we’ve gotten the application time down to 60 seconds.)

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Mio quickstart shower gel Mio Skincare QuickStart Exhilarating Shower Gel, $22

Even if you’ve slept well, when it’s almost 90 degrees at 7 a.m., it can be hard to start the day off feeling refreshed. But this moisturizing shower gel puts a pep in your pretty step. That’s thanks to a zesty spearmint-citrus blend of natural oils and a hit of guarana-derived caffeine, which the company says can have a topical pick-me-up effect on your muscles, too.

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Iwilla__remedy Iwilla Remedy I Love My Armpits Deodorant, $10

Okay, this one is less of a beauty staple, and more of a human necessity. It’s also proof that natural deodorants are getting so. much. better. Iwilla’s deodorant is made with sweat-absorbing clays, bacteria-blasting neem oil, and gluten-free arrow root powder. (No baking soda, as that can cause little red bumps and irritation for some people, the founders note.) It comes in a variety of scents and even a super-tiny travel size ($3.99). It may not work like your toxic stuff on your beast-of-a-boot-camp day, but it’ll take you through a whole lotta Tabata sans stink.

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