Beauty guru Adina Grigore shows us her simple skin-care routine and makeshift gym

11911740_10153591247017720_5802109983974977338_o (1) This January, we’re promoting honesty and transparency in wellness with our#iamwellandgood initiative. Instead of making epic resolutions, we’re inspired by the sweaty, messy, imperfect ways real people (like us!) live healthy, unfiltered lives on a daily basis. To celebrate, we asked incredible experts to share their super honest #iamwellandgood moments via Instagram takeovers all month long.

Meet Adina Grigore, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure. Fed up with expensive beauty products that did nothing but harm her skin, she started making super simple skin-care products in her Brooklyn kitchen. They were so effective that she turned her project into S.W. Basics, an all-natural line that now has a cult following and is sold at (ahem) Target.

And while the life of a beauty guru may sound like a glamorous, flawless-skin existence, Grigore is unceasingly down-to-earth and truly works her butt off, putting in long hours to help others solve their skin-care woes via a healthy lifestyle, an approach she outlined in her recent book, Skin Cleanse.

We asked Grigore to share with us unfiltered moments from her jam-packed days—makeshift gym and all. Click through to see all of the #iamwellandgood snapshots from her @wellandgoodnyc Instagram takeover.

(Photos: Adina Grigore)


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Adina Grigore Hi guys! I’m @adinagrigore, the founder and CEO of @swbasicsofbk and author of #skincleanse. (NBD, it was just one of Well+Good’s fave books of 2015!!) So excited to hang with you today as I am obsessed with this amazing movement @wellandgoodnyc has created! The ability to take a sexy selfie is a gift I was not endowed with. Instead, this is me in my element aka the @swbasicsofbk office conference room aka where I create/eat/stress…and eat again. #iamwellandgood


Grigore Skincare Routine People ask me every day what my skincare routine is. They can’t believe it’s as simple as what I wrote in #skincleanse. Sometimes it changes, but it never gets more complicated. Currently I pour @swbasicsofbk Toner into our Lavender Hydrosol, spritz once or twice throughout the day, and wash with water before bed. That’s it! #staylazy #iamwellandgood


Grigore Workout Check out my luxurious and spacious Brooklyn fitness studio. It’s called…my kitchen. My hubby and I have such a small apartment that this is literally the only place I have to work out. (Plus, I don’t have the time or money for a real gym membership.) I still manage to suffer through at least three workouts a week because I’m desperate for endorphins. Any more than that and the space issues would drive me insane. It’s such a give and take, you know? #iamwellandgood


Grigore Food One of the ways I deal with the conflict that is my undying obsession with delicious junk food is by cooking it myself. (If you read #skincleanse, you know I’m a really big fan of wellness…in moderation.) This Sloppy Joe is made from scratch, including the rolls (wild yeast sourdough!), the sauce, and the coleslaw. Adding collards is my way of being like, “This is basically a green smoothie.” #iamwellandgood


Grigore Sleep Most nights I do a meditation before bed, but some nights I can’t Namaste the stress away. Running @swbasicsofbk will do that to you. I grab one of these beautiful [natural] babies and pass out blissfully, ready to start my quest to change the beauty industry all over again the next day. Off to bed now (wish me luck)—huge thanks to @wellandgoodnyc for including me in this amazing campaign, and to all of you for inspiring me to be well and good every day. #iamwellandgood

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