Why this LA skin care guru is ready to roar with her debut collection

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Photo: Alexandra Wagner Skin Care

White turmeric and tiger grass sound like ingredients you’d want in your superfood smoothie. But Venice, CA-based facialist and fine artist Alexandra Wagner has combined these healing beauty boosters in her debut skin-care collection called White Tiger. And it holistically hits on a handful major complexion goals—“bright, hydrated, and firm skin that’s free of acne.” (New stripes for your beauty regimen?)

The largely plant-powered collection is made up of a cleanser, serum, and exfoliant—three do-it-all basics ideal for those suffering from product overwhelm syndrome.

“I don’t want to use 100 products on my skin. Skin care should be simple—I want to help remind women of this,” says the derma-healer, who started her career 15 years ago at Jurlique on Madison Avenue in New York City, and is now known for her super-transformational facials at her Abbot Kinney atelier (not to mention her famously thorough approach to treating severe acne).

white tiger alexandra wagner skin care
Photo: Alexandra Wagner Skin Care

White Tiger is a manifestation of everyday essentials that “make skin even, firm, and more hydrated, with great anti-aging ingredients. I feel like I’m addressing everything,” she says.

All of this is why Wagner’s hot on white turmeric and tiger grass plant stem cells (gotu kola), a powerful plant-based duo. These ingredients haven’t been talked about or tapped much in skin care. But you can consider it an Ayurvedic-inspired tonic for amazing skin—with a nod from the lab-coat set. “I’m scientifically interested in plant stems cells and green technology,” says the beauty whiz, who also studied advanced skin-care ingredients and chemistry at UCLA.

“The tiger’s significance is fun—and it’s my spirit animal just a little bit.”

The line includes a foaming cleanser ($58), her favorite kind, that cleans without sulfates or leaving skin feeling tight or dry, and a double-your-pleasure exfoliant ($68) that boosts cell turnover using two methods—manual (fine quartz crystals that slough) and chemical (sugar cane AHAs and white willow bark enzymes that help dissolve dead skin cells).

The piece de resistance of the collection is the White Tiger Serum ($140), where the ingredients’ brightening, hydrating, firming powers are most concentrated. “The tiger grass plant stem cells are regenerative in the plant, and they have that effect on your complexion, improving your skin tone and its elasticity,” she explains.

white tiger alexandra wagner skin care
Photo: Alexandra Wagner Skin Care

White mulberry extract and alpha arbutin go after pigmentation, sun spots, and lack of evenness, while the anti-inflammatory white turmeric helps fight damage in the first place.

The texture is light and gel-like, like a primer (that’s the hydrating hyaluronic acid), so it could see you through a bout of adult acne, too.

Wagner’s a do-gooder and a yogi (she traded painting studios like Kula Yoga in New York for yoga trainings), and isn’t just adding more beauty marketing to the mix. “I’m the first to say when a client should try giving up sugar to clear up their skin,” she says, offering advice that’s not about moving product.

Amid the constant noise about what you should use on your skin, you could say Wagner’s approach roars.

Alexandra Wagner Skin Care, 1636 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291, (310) 399-0123, alexandrawagnerskincare.com

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