This is your signature beauty look, according to your astrological sign

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From hooking up to finding happiness, your astrological sign can majorly influence just about every realm of your life.

But it’s not just when you’re about to sign a new contract (after all, you’re a #girlboss taking advantage of Virgo season) or book your next FOMO-inducing yoga retreat that looking to the stars can help give you a bit of direction.

Your sign is also a great indicator of what your beauty signature look should be. (You know, the statement you make that has you feeling so good, you can’t help but post a selfie to Instagram Stories.) Think of your astrological ID as that tells-it-like-it-is (and, usually always right) BFF who isn’t afraid to buy you a bright red lipstick and insist that you wear it, because.

Here, astrologer and hypnotist Sandra Sitron of Strong Eye Astrology breaks down every sign’s beauty signature look.

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Happiness tips for Aries
Illustration: Julia Wu

Aries: impeccable hair

Aries is all about the first impression. She is a leader and a trailblazer, on the move and full of energy. She wants to look good, but she doesn’t want to have to worry about her appearance when she’s in action mode. Since Aries rules the head, impeccable hair is her solution.

Tip: Go for a hip—yet manageable—style. (When in doubt, follow Kate Middleton’s hair lead.)

Happiness tips for Taurus
Illustration: Julia Wu

Taurus: natural beauty products

Taurus is the original Earth Mama. She is all about sustainability. Her number-one goal is keeping her body in top condition—and her body is sensitive. Taurus rules the senses, so if makeup or lotions are made with nasty chemicals, she’ll know immediately.

Tip: Go with a beauty regimen that includes natural products that are good for your body and the earth.

Happiness tips for Gemini
Illustration: Julia Wu

Gemini: nail art

Gemini is playful and fun-loving. She talk with her hands—and she talks a lot. So no surprise that she loves to decorate her nails with highly Instagrammable designs. If her nail art ends up being a conversation (or comments) starter? Even better.

Tip: Go for a more-is-more approach when it comes to your manis. (And these are the top 5-free nail polishes, to keep things clean.)

Happiness tips for Cancer
Illustration: Julia Wu

Cancer: defined eye makeup

Cancer has beautiful, bright, round eyes. No surprise, considering that the sign is ruled by the moon—it’s the one body part that really reflects lunar luminescence. A carefully defined makeup look puts all eyes on her, well, eyes.

Tip: When in doubt, invest in a really great (all-natural) mascara.

Happiness tips for Leo
Illustration: Julia Wu

Leo: curls

Leo the lioness has quite the mane of hair. She’ll make it as big as possible, and curls are a go-to. They symbolically shout, “No one can tame me! I am self-directed and expressive.”

Tip: Whether it’s lively beach waves or corkscrews, the keywords here are bold and beautiful.

Happiness tips for Virgo
Illustration: Julia Wu

Virgo: a touch of lip gloss

Virgo likes to keep it simple. She strives for purity and cleanliness. Often she’ll choose to go without makeup (consider her the original bare-faced believer), and she will just dab on a touch of lip gloss as her way of making a statement.

Tip: Go with a streamlined look that allows you to pay more attention to keeping your skin clear and lovely.


Happiness tips for Libra
Illustration: Julia Wu

Libra: red lipstick

Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, so she simply loves to be admired. Consider her the master circulator at parties. She’s social, charming, and diplomatic—and isn’t afraid to be a show-stopper, as long as she does it in a tasteful way. Red lipstick is her go-to. It gets her the attention she desires, and is classic, trendy, and refined all at once.

Tip: Go for a hue that looks good with your skin tone (and is clean, too).

Happiness tips for Scorpio
Illustration: Julia Wu

Scorpio: smoky eye

Scorpio is all about merging. This is why the sign is often thought of as impassioned: When she merges emotionally, physically, and spiritually, she has to let go completely—and what could be more intense than surrender? Scorpio is drawn to powerful, eye-catching fashion statements that signify the sultry and emotional depths of her being.

Tip: Go with a smoky eye to accentuate your (already striking) peepers.

Happiness tips for Sagittarius
Illustration: Julia Wu

Sagittarius: half bun

Sagittarius is sporty and fun-loving, with high energy and a love of nature. Her symbol is the centaur—half human, half horse—so a half bun gives her freedom of movement. It helps her simplify so that she can focus on exploration, her favorite pursuit. The best part is that the hairstyle is versatile, which allows her to be ready for anything.

Tip: Whether it’s styled high or low, go for a half-up, half-down look.

Happiness tips of Capricorn
Illustration: Julia Wu

Capricorn: great eyebrows

Capricorn is in charge—and that includes with her brows. She keeps hers defined, subtly expressing her wisdom and expertise with the raise of an arch. Needless to say, Capricorn babes make a statement by keeping their eyebrows carefully groomed.

Tip: See a pro for a shaping session—you can then continue your eyebrow upkeep on your own.

Happiness tips for Aquarius
Illustration: Julia Wu

Aquarius: tattoos

Aquarius will not be boxed in. Instead, she’s always coloring outside the lines. “True individual” describes her to a T—and a tattoo. Because when it comes to making a beauty statement, there’s nothing better for an Aquarius than getting inked.

Tip: Go for a tattoo that’s one-of-a-kind and totally inspired.

Happiness tips for Pisces
Illustration: Julia Wu

Pisces: perfect pedicure

Pisces is sensitive and emotional, and understands the subtle connectedness of all living things. She contains the wisdom of all of the signs—for that reason, Pisces rules the feet (which, according to the theory behind reflexology, are said to connect to the organs, nerves, glands, and other parts of the body). For health and beauty, Pisces will naturally maintain a meticulous pedicure. It’s a subtle beauty statement to make, but one that makes her feel in alignment.

Tip: If you’re striving for pedi perfection, don’t skip the foot soak.

Your sign has an impact on the things that make you happy, too—here’s your mood-boosting horoscope. Speaking of making a statement, here’s why the clean beauty revolution is a big deal.

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