The genius way to store your sneakers

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Thanks to Blogilates' Cassey Ho, you'll no longer want to keep your kicks hidden away in your closet.
Sneaker heaven.

That’s what I thought when I first saw Cassey Ho’s impressive sneaker line-up on Instagram. Because while my kicks are stored in a jumbled pile in my closet, the Blogilates founder (who also runs the popular workout program Pop Pilates and the activewear brand Pop Flex) keeps hers displayed front and center, like works of art.

Photo: Blogilates
Photo: Blogilates

Turns out, this colorful, statement-making, envy-inducing display is part of the Blogilates Los Angeles office—not Ho’s personal closet, so I can breathe easy about my current storage situation.

“I’m kind of obsessed with sneakers and am passionate about decor, so I thought, why not combine them?” she explains to Well+Good. “Instead of just stashing all of the shoes in a closet, I wanted to turn my shoe collection into a display of art so I can appreciate them more.”

With athleisure making its way into just about every part of life—even Merriam Webster has gotten in on the action—it only makes sense to display it like your most precious (or, you know, stylish) possession.

Inspired to show off your sneakers, too? Scroll through to get Cassey Ho’s tips on turning your activewear into art.

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1. Show your favorites some love

When organizing, Ho says you should just focus on your favorite items. (This is especially important if you’re tight on space.) Maybe you love your rainbow tanks or your 100-deep leggings collection. For Ho, her thing is sneakers—and while she wouldn’t divulge exactly how many pairs she has (she just describes herself as “obsessed”), she did share her favorites. “I love Nike Free Runs because they are light on my feet when I do my PIIT [Pilates intense interval training] workouts,” she explains. “They are comfortable, yet super supportive.”

2. Embrace the white space

Whether you live in a breezy bungalow near Venice Beach or a cramped studio apartment in New York City, Ho stresses that you don’t have to go big to make a statement. “I think the simpler the better; grab your favorite, most colorful shoes and display them on some kind of white shelf so they stand out,” she explains. “Just make sure there’s enough space in between each pair, as that will help make it look less cluttered.”

3. Display by color

The easiest way to make a visual impact, according to Ho, is by organizing by color. “When [your items are] grouped by color, the display immediately catches the eye,” she explains. “Plus, when you’re looking to match an outfit, you can find the exact piece and color you’re looking for.” Which is vital because, let’s not forget, as much as you want to make a statement, you also need to be able to lace up and go for a run.

As for what to put on those shelves: Well+Good readers love these for their runs, while we think these are perfect for when you’re not at the gym.

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