CAP Beauty’s skin whisperer will see you now

best spas in NYC Nestled under blankets in a cozy treatment room, CAP Beauty’s Stephanie Lauren Brown reads my clogged pores and acne scars with a kind of reverence.

“I’m like a skin whisperer. I listen for what it’s saying, and what it needs,” she says. And your skin could be speaking a whole other language than the client before you.

Individualized treatments are the focus of the tiny West Village beauty oasis’ new spa services, which they just started offering in chic little rooms tucked behind the store’s natural and organic product-stocked shelves.

“The skin and the body are the miracle workers, and we are here to guide our clients towards finding and elevating the beauty that is uniquely theirs,” says CAP Beauty co-founder Kerrilyn Pamer. “We do not have a set idea of what is perfect skin; we see individual clients, all with an equal and unique potential of beauty and natural perfection.”

To do that, Pamer and her partner Cindy DiPrima brought on Brown—who’s an Aveda-trained aesthetician but also an Ayurvedic health educator and massage therapist—to act as therapies manager.

best spas in NYC

In addition to the signature 60-minute facial ($200, including gratuity), they’ll gradually be expanding the menu to include an array of acupuncture and massage options, with several specialized pre- and post-natal treatments (like adorable-sounding baby massage lessons for parents!). 

And all will come from a holistic place of beauty-as-wellness. Instead of extractions, for example, my facial came with lots of lymphatic drainage massage and nourishing masks. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep, twice, as Brown approached my skin as if she was nourishing it back to health. “You should take care of your skin like it’s a precious baby,” she cooed.

Afterward, she meets you with a hot cup of the “house drink,” a creamy, delicious, skin-loving tea made with Sun Potion He Shou Wu, Sun Potion Tocos, and CAP Beauty Coconut Butter, and walks you through an at-home protocol based on your skin, recommending a Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser to prevent breakouts, for example, or a Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum for hydration.

“Our treatments are meant to be sustainable, to teach our clients how to work with their own skin, how to know what it really needs and when it needs it; to build ultimate self-awareness that begins at skin-level,” Pamer says.

CAP Beauty

To extend past skin-level, CAP is now also hosting regular events, like trunk shows, evening chats with beauty gurus like Adina Grigore and Angela Shore, and morning NADA Meditation sessions.

“We believe the key to having ideal skin is to view skin care as an extension of wellness,” Pamer says. I certainly felt like I was radiating health by the time I walked out the door. —Lisa Elaine Held

CAP Beauty, 238 W. 10th St., West Village, New York, NY, 10014, (212) 227-1088,

(Photos: CAP Beauty)

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