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Photo: Lindsay Mueller

Summer is prime time for skin: You have a gorgeous, natural glow and possibly a few extra freckles. (Obligatory SPF reminder!)

But what do you do when your face is freaking out from the insane heat and humidity? Desiree Pais, the founder of ultra-chic and all-natural beauty brand Benshen, has figured out a stress-free routine for perfect summer skin—and yup, she’s sharing.

“My summer beauty routine is both extremely simple, but also very mindful,” she explains. “Even though winter dryness gets so much attention, it’s crucial to keep your skin super-hydrated in the summer sun. People think of moisturizing as a ‘fix’ to dryness, as opposed to nourishing it and allowing our skin to do its job.”

To let your skin settle into the season, Pais says that it’s important to find a routine—and stick to it. That will allow things to acclimate and calm down, no matter how intensely the office air conditioner may be blowing. After all, too much change isn’t a good thing when it comes to skin care.

Ready to glow, girl? Keep reading for Pais’ foolproof three-step guide to perfect summer skin.

Get Started

Photo: Lindsay Mueller

Step 1:

“I use my Facial Crystals in the shower once a week, which help remineralize my skin and make it super-soft.”


Photo: Lindsay Mueller

Step 2:

“Every evening after I shower, I spray tons of my Rose + Aloe Hydrosol on my skin, mixed with some glycerin I buy in bulk. Glycerin is my new secret weapon—it locks in moisture and makes my skin incredibly soft and hydrated.”


Photo: Lindsay Mueller

Step 3:

“Then, I add my Serum 1—which is loaded with antioxidants to help prevent damage from the sun—mixed with a few sprays of my Clary Sage + Lavender Hydrosol. I blend them together in my palm and massage on my face, and follow that with another spray or two of the Hydrosol.”

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