Detox partners: Tata Harper and Organic Avenue launch a juice and skin-care cleanse

Organic beauty guru, Tata Harper, and Organic Avenue pioneer a combo cleanse that includes detoxing skin-care products and juices.

Tata Harper Organic Avenue Love Beauty Cleanse

After a juice cleanse, your skin often looks its most radiant.

During one? Not so much. That’s when your body’s detox mechanisms love to show up in the form of a face full of blotches and pimples.

“Of course, when you cleanse your body, your skin is cleansing, too. But we created a regimen to detox the skin directly to support the process, which is also so important,” says Tata Harper of her new relationship with Organic Avenue. The two enterprising companies have collaborated on a 1-day and 3-day Love Beauty Cleanse, with organic juices and Tata Harper detox-centric beauty products, which launches tomorrow.

Tata Harper Organic Avenue Love Beauty Cleanse
The 3-day kit Tata Harper Organic Avenue Love Beauty Cleanse

It’s the first cleanse to really pair the two.

“Organic Avenue was one of our first retail locations,” said Harper, on a multitasking call from a play date with her children. “And it’s been clear that their customers and ours are have wanted a skin cleanse with their juice cleanse—something that’s deeper, and more on the level of detox.”

So, when you order a Love Beauty Cleanse, you’ll get a beauty envelope that contains a single-serving (for each day) of Regenerating Cleanser, Resurfacing Mask, and Boosted Facial Steam Sauna, Harper’s detox piece de resistance.

It’s essentially a beauty tea bag, filled with botanicals like alfalfa, calendula, and lemon balm, many of which are grown at Harper’s Vermont farm. You add the Booster to a bowl of hot water and tent a towel over your head, allowing the herbal-infused steam to drive the Resurfacing Mask into the skin, she explains. “Then I suggest you use the same lukewarm water to remove the mask—and use the rest as a nourishing hair rinse.”

You do it every day you’re on the cleanse to make sure everything is being flushed out and drawn out through your pores—the old, the new, and the stuff the cleanse brings up.

Organic Avenue Tata Harper Juice Beauty Cleanse
The daily Love Beauty juice regimen

“Your skin is on the front lines of your immune system. It’s a huge organ, and it shows when we’re out of balance, or going through something,” says Harper.

Like after you’ve had a series of facials, the daily exfoliation with botanical enzymes should get your skin in tip-top seasonal shape. “Your skin looks completely renewed, your skin tone is more even, and you’re more radiant than ever,” says Harper.

Of course, the results won’t last forever, but then you can always buy the full-size Tata Harper Regenerative Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask—an idea the enterprising beauty founder has surely thought of. —Melisse Gelula

The three-day Love Beauty Cleanses costs $199 (launch period only) and will be available starting tomorrow,

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