Why making your own beauty products just got way easier

Loli Beauty 1 New York City-based Tina Hedges has more than 25 years of experience developing beauty brands at L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Revlon.

So, it’s a bit surprising that her latest venture, Loli Beauty, actually un-bottles beauty products.

Loli, which launched April 1, is a DIY natural beauty kit subscription service that delivers clean ingredients—and the recipes you’ll need to make them—to your door each month. It’s like curated dinner-prep kit Blue Apron that makes it super easy to turn ingredients into a healthy dinner. Only this kit is focused on helping you whip up beauty recipes for your face, body, or hair.

Hedges, who got interested in natural beauty after a personal holistic health transformation and is also the creator of green hair-care line Jonathan, got the idea for Loli while walking through The Filling Station at Chelsea Market, where she wondered why beauty couldn’t be experienced in the way that we experience food.

LOLI_Box_2 “For Loli, we really focused on deconstructing beauty back to being about ingredients and letting the consumer customize their own products,” Hedges says. “We also get rid of the extraneous packaging you don’t need. The quality is going into the ingredients, not into the marketing.” (And that means a lot coming from a former beauty branding exec.)

How does it work? Each month you’ll get an eco-chic box with pre-measured seasonal ingredients to match (packaged with minimal labeling and a focus on recyclables) and a recipe card to make your own skin, body, or hair treatment (for three uses) with them. When I tried it, the box had kale, blueberry, matcha tea, and organic rose petal powder to make a face mask. It costs $35 or $38 per kit, depending on how many months you purchase.

Loli uses food-grade ingredients, and they’re all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO, as well as organic and sustainable when possible. (Hedges also hopes to make an impact by giving a dollar from every box purchased to an organization that stops human trafficking.) And the mask was easy enough for this DIY beauty neophyte to make in about 10 minutes, and it definitely refreshed my post-winter skin.

“Eventually, we want to make it so that women can shop the raw ingredients online based on what they discover they like,” Hedges explains. “I want to reconnect women to the beauty recipes and rituals that have been here forever.” —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit www.lolibeauty.com

(Photos: Loli Beauty)

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