Beauty Recipe: A toning, calming, and redness-busting face mist

A four-ingredient mist that leaves your skin super fresh, glowing—and calm.

Face-spray-post workout-toner-skin calmer When you’re rushing to meet your friends for brunch after a sweaty boot camp class, you might not have time to shower. But you still want your skin to err more on the dewy side of things than completely sweat-soaked and greasy.

Brooklyn natural makeup artist, Rebecca Casciano (who gets Gabby Bernstein glowy and is the resident makeup artist for Thoughtfully magazine) has a solution. It’s this multi-hyphenate beauty mist that’s part toner, skin-calmer, and post-workout refresher. And you can make it easily yourself.

Rebecca Casciano “Lavender oil and rose water are known to help relax the mind and soothe anxiety. They also have anti-inflammatory, balancing effects when applied to the skin,” says Casciano, which makes it a great for spraying post-class and preventing breakouts or dryness.

But that’s not all. “All of the ingredients are healing, balancing and cleansing, which makes it an ideal toner. After washing your face, apply it with a cotton ball to nourish skin and remove any additional makeup, dirt or oil,” Casciano says.

Follow her lead for a spray that’s perfectly at home on your desk, nightstand—and in your gym bag. —Molly Gallagher

Healing Beauty Mist
Mix the following ingredients in a 2–4 oz. glass spray bottle

2 parts distilled water
1 part aloe vera juice
1 part rose water
2–3 drops of lavender

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