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Hands feeling dry, looking chapped, and inspiring purchase of a pair of Downton Abbey gloves? This DIY Sugar and Honey Hand Healer will fix that.

The recipe comes from author, beauty savant, and The Beauty Bean founder, Alexis Wolfer. It calls for raw honey, which has intense moisturizing powers and is antibacterial (great for cuticles), and sugar to gently slough your dry skin and return it to a state of smooth. “But please, do not use it if you have eczema, psoriasis, cuts, or a rash,” Wolfer says.

This exfoliant is just what your hands need for winter—or their close-up. According to Wolfer’s new book, Radiant Bride, hands flaunting a new ring might need more than mittens to keep them looking presentable this time of year. Ditto the rest of us, too.

Get Started

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Photo: Radiant Bride

Sugar + Honey Hand Healer

3 Tbsp raw honey
1/4 cup white sugar
2 plastic bags
2 hair elastics

Mix the raw honey with the sugar until well combined. Apply generously to your hands, paying especially close attention to your cuticles. Cover each hand with one of the plastic bags, securing the bag around your wrist with the hair elastic. Let the hydrating scrub work its magic.

For deeper hydration, cover your plastic-wrapped hands in warm towels. After 15 minutes, wash your hands with your favorite facial cleanser (hand soaps can be too harsh). Pat your hands dry and follow with hand lotion (or a dab of coconut oil for an all-natural solution).

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