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Lav Gem Juice Amethyst Gemstone OrganicYou’re probably familiar with women using crystals and gemstones as jewelry and putting them in their pocket or handbag for their healing properties. Gemstones have definitely become a decorative wellness world staple used in everything from stress-reducing facials to fending off negative energy, and typically, their beauty has been as a healing adornment adornment. That is, until now.

Two new brands, Gemstone Organic out of Los Angeles and Wild Medicine out of New York and Miami, are incorporating gemstones directly into their organic all-natural beauty products.

And while each brand taps the crystal’s energy in a different way—Gemstone Organic soaks gemstones in water that’s used in lotions and toners, while Wild Medicine embeds whole gemstones directly into soaps—the reasoning is the same: to heighten the healing properties of gemstones by including them in your daily beauty routine.

Putting gemstone infused moisturizers on your skin is the best way for “that energy to go straight to you,” explains Gemstone Organic co-owner Sara Clement. “Each gemstone has its own benefits and properties, which balance the energy in your body and your chakras.” And fortunately, at $37 a moisturizer, they don’t cost anything close to Cartier.

Each of the Gemstone Organic products address an emotional and a beauty issue, like amethyst and sugalite for clarity, focus, and peace. (It’s totally okay if you need both.)

Wild MedicineWild Medicine takes a slightly different, artistic and intention setting approach. “I’m a sculpture artist to begin with, and I wanted to make something that people could use daily while still being very art and sculpture-based,” says Wild Medicine co-founder Jessie Laino. So she created rustic, sculptural soaps with a gemstone inside ($22). “It’s about having this moment in the shower to reflect on the stone and put intention into it.”

Even though they point is to tap into its metaphysical benefits, once you’re done with the soap, you’re meant to keep the gemstone on your mantle or turn it into a piece of jewelry.

“We like to call it a radically holistic beauty movement,” Clement says. “You’re not only healing your skin with the right ingredients, you’re taking it a step further to balance the way you feel on the inside.” And we predict more spiritually infused beauty lines coming along to address your energy, not just your skin.

Because after all, even if you’re a gemstones skeptic, ailments like acne, inflammation, or dark circles are sometimes caused by an emotional or hormonal issue—and a little extra good juju never hurts. —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Gemstone Organic and Wild Medicine)

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