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hannah bronfman cap beauty
Photo: [email protected]

Today Manhattan clean-beauty mecca CAP Beauty and HBFit, the lifestyle site of fitness-maven Hannah Bronfman, announced they’re teaming up on limited-edition beauty collections this summer.

The first of the three CAPsule boxes debuts today. Each one contains all-natural beauty products stocked at (chic and safe) CAP Beauty, with the exact picks selected by Bronfman and her team.

“We already have similar missions, so it feels really authentic to work together,” says CAP Beauty co-founder Cindy DiPrima. “We’re working towards making health and fitness easier incorporate into everyone’s daily lives.”

Bronfman’s a long-time fan and supporter of CAP Beauty. “Up until this point, HBFit has been all about the digital experience in helping people live healthy lives,” Ava Donaldson, director of strategy at HBFit says. This collab should give them something a little less high-tech to enjoy spritzing and slathering all over their skin.

Cap Beauty x hbfit capsule collection
Photo: CAP Beauty

Each CAPsule collection will only be available for a month at CAP Beauty’s West Village shop and website. The first box, which debuts today (June 15), will be the Health CAPsule ($200), which includes a CAPBeauty energy-boosting aromatherapy mist to things like the very buzzy Moon Juice Spirit Dust, an adaptogen-filled beauty powder created by the juice bar of the same name.

The Beauty CAPsule ($250, launching July 15) focuses on skin care, including “the best rosewater mist” the HBFit team has come across: Living Libation’s Rose Glow’s Complexion Mist, and The Fitness CAPsule ($175) comes out August 15, and will have pre- and post-workout essentials, like the refreshing EiR Active Body Wash. (“The sage smells amazing!” says Donaldson).

For those not familiar with natural beauty products, it’s a great start, Donaldson says. It’s also a fun way to engage in looking after yourself—and your skin—this summer. “This is a way to celebrate that.”

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