Why you should usher in 2016 with a high-vibe healing amulet

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Hoping to score some good vibes come 2016? While auspicious foods or a little bit of sage may help, they lack the wearability (not to mention high-fashion impact) of a custom-crafted amulet with seriously potent healing powers.

And no, we’re not talking about the standard evil eye pendant or hamsa ring. A new era of healer-designers are going beyond basic spiritual symbolism, collaborating directly with clients to craft totally bespoke jewelry using crystals, precious metals, and more. Their design processes incorporate everything from tarot card readings to gratitude meditations in an effort to ensure all elements of the resulting accessory are in alignment with the wearer’s energy and life goals. (Talk about power dressing).

As Reiki healer-turned-jewelry designer Melinda Lee Holm puts it, jewelry designed with a little help from the metaphysical world doesn’t just look cool—it also serves as a highly personal visual reminder for the wearer to stay on her path. “It gives the client a little cheat sheet to remind them of what they’re working on,” she says. “They can look down, see [symbolic stones], and think, ‘Oh, I’m working on insight into my core ideals, and after that, I’m going to use that insight to open up creativity.’”

She adds that keeping potent crystals close to the body is also said to be healing and clarifying—and yes, her customers see results. “I recently made a piece for a client using Black Tourmaline for negativity clearing and Aquamarine for opening communication,” she recalls. “She emailed to tell me that within days of wearing the piecea  solution to a communication issue that had been troubling her family came to her. It was suddenly easy to see the root of the issue.” Try saying that about your store-bought statement necklace.

Click through the slideshow to meet four makers known for their next-level alchemical accouterments—all of whom can help you greet 2016 with a chic—and super-powerful—new talisman.  

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amulets-2-melinda-lee-holm Melinda Lee Holm
Brie Larson, Eva Longoria, and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant are all fans of Melinda Lee Holm’s “prescription adornments,” which are said to promote personal breakthroughs and evolution. The Los Angeles-based energetic healer starts each custom design session with a tarot consultation; then, she says, “I have the client interact with a variety of stones to see what energies, colors, and shapes they’re naturally attracted to.”

Not that you’ll always get what you think you want; it’s Holm’s job to ensure you get the stone you need. She explains: “I had a client who was not at all attracted to a stone I felt was very important to her development. It turned out that the stone represented an energy she had been avoiding, and no other energies were going to come through until that was dealt with.” The client relented and—naturally—was thrilled with the finished product.

Prescription adornments from $550; melindaleeholm.com

(Photo: Melinda Lee Holm)


Blesslev by Jacquie Aiche
Devotees of Beverly Hills fine jeweler Jacquie Aiche don’t just migrate to her studio for diamond-encrusted body chains and shark tooth necklaces—they also come for in-depth readings with Jewish mystic Sylvain Sellam. A longtime friend of Aiche, Sellam also provided the inspiration behind the designer’s customizable Blesslev amulets, which are said to protect and heal those who wear them (Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry included).

After picking the leathers and stones for their necklace or keychain, new Blesslev owners are instructed to create a gratitude list and stick it inside the amulet, which also harbors a Kabbalistic mantra chosen by Sellam and handwritten on parchment. “I feel that we need to be grateful for all that we have before manifesting anything new,” says Aiche—and, according to her, these petite tokens are veritable manifesting machines. “There have been many magical moments associated with these blessings… I am so happy to see it unfold each time!”

Blesslev amulets from $90; jacquieaiche.com. To book a session with Sylvain Sellam, call 310-550-7529.  

(Photo: Blesslev by Jacqui Aiche)


Vega Jewelry
Fertility issues, emotional stress, back pain—name an ailment, and LA astrologer/designer Victoria Kray has likely created a one-of-a-kind crystal amulet to address it. After a client undergoes a reading with Kray and picks her stones, “the crystals are cleansed, super-charged, sung to, given sound baths, and in general loved in the studio,” says the designer. “We foster-care for them until it’s time for them to go to their new homes!” Vega’s chunky, light-refracting pendants and cuffs are serious statement pieces—just ask Gabrielle Bernstein, Debra Messing, or Gigi Hadid, who all have Kray’s work in their collections.

Our favorite part? Kray has been so inspired by the healing power of her crystal creations that she’s planning to donate stones to prisons, orphanages, and other places that need soothing starting in 2016.

Prices vary; vegajewelry.com

(Photo: Vega Jewelry)


amulets-5-rock raw-resized

Rock & Raw

London-based designer Lucy Sherwood left her legal career to create an ethical line of fine jewelry with a high-vibe slant. Just over a year later, she’s already got the spiritual community swooning (Yogi and meditation guru Elena Brower is often spotted in Rock & Raw pieces).

While the brand’s e-shop is full of luxury malas, rings, bracelets, and pendants, it also does a strong business in custom creations—think engagement rings, re-worked heirlooms, or one-of-a-kind pieces based on the buyer’s creative whims. Says Sherwood: “You have the freedom to choose the stones, crystals, metals, and designs… or simply tell us your story of spiritual journey and leave the rest up to us.” Judging by the serene yet strong aesthetic of the line—and Sherwood’s penchant for icing her pieces with responsibly sourced diamonds—Rock & Raw looks like it would more than deliver on that task.

Prices vary; rockandrawjewellery.com

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(Photo: Rock & Raw)

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