5 things you can do every day keep your hair thick and healthy

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We expect so much of our hair, demanding that it give us “good hair days,” and shaming it with the “bad hair day” label when it doesn’t. But like anything, hair needs nourishment (and yes, love) to grow—and Nioxin is all about giving your hair the (science-based) TLC it needs to be its thickest, glossiest, healthiest self.

Thinning hair is an issue many of us deal with day-to-day, and these guys are the global experts in treating it (they boast an 85 percent customer satisfaction rate and stylists have voted Nioxin “favorite hair thinning line” for 14 years running).

Here are some tips for the thickest, fuller-looking hair possible:

1. Wash your hair daily

With minimal oil to weigh it down, clean hair has more body

2. Scrunch hair gently while you blow-dry

This gives hair extra lift and volume.

3. Massage your scalp

A three-minute scalp massage will help increase blood circulation to the scalp.

4. Braid your hair at night

If you shower before bed, and your hair is long, putting it in a loose braid while you sleep will reduce breakage

5. Wear your ponytail loose

Keeping hair firmly out of place during dance cardio or HIIT or  is a must—but that high pony pulls the hair tight and stresses it.

Want more in-depth advice? Nioxin can diagnose your specific issues with their online consultation tool—then they’ll recommend a product formulated with custom-tailored ingredients for your hair type (everything from white tea extract and peppermint oil for super-cleansing of your scalp to silk amino acids and kukui nut oil, to strengthen strands).

And get this, they guarantee you’ll see improvement in just 30 days.

Just get your hair Rx from their online consultation tool for custom recommendations, then get your Instagram game on point because the best before-and-after pics on Instagram with the hashtag #NIOXINChallenge will win a year’s worth of Nioxin products.

So get going with an online consultation today, and get one step closer to a fuller ‘do and a fully stocked bathroom closet.




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