Head’s up: Crystal-infused tights that promise to detox you and reduce your PMS

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Photo: Peyton Weikert/Stocksy

As “woo-woo” wellness becomes more mainstream, it’s not unheard of to see people turning to crystals instead of afternoon lattes, decorating their desks with high-vibe rocks, and wearing moonstones around their necks (hey, even Jennifer Aniston‘s doing it).

So when I learned that crystal-embedded tights now exist, I wasn’t all that surprised. German legwear brand Item M6 has just released a $98 pair of Beauty Tights, an accessory that promises to solve more than just your average fashion emergency.

Though they look like typical black pantyhose, they’re infused with ceramic crystals that are “melted into the compression fabric and have photoluminescence powers.” Translation: The embedded crystal layer converts your natural body heat into infrared frequency that the company says can stimulate fat breakdown (hmm) and simulate a detox, like an infrared sauna (hmm again).

Item M6’s director, Sanaz Alagha, tells Vogue that the tights “gently increase blood flow and also increase oxygenation and regeneration of the blood,” which results in “lighter-feeling legs with fewer blemishes and spider veins, and reduced cellulite.”

We’ve heard that regular compression leggings and socks can help do that sans crystals. But maybe chic women are more likely to wear this cute crystal pair to promote better circulation?

Item M6 says it’s also providing the service of wearable acupressure: The tightest point in the legwear is at the ankles, which the company says is located on your spleen 6 meridian, an acupressure point that’s believed to help ease digestive woes, combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue, give you energy, and even handle your PMS symptoms.

We’re standing by for some convincing evidence on whether wearing a pair of tights can do all that. But if your acupuncturist gives you the thumbs up or you’re loading up on legwear for fall anyway, rocking a pair of crystal tights can’t hurt.

 See what happened when we tried an earlier version of these compression tights. And if you’re looking to incorporate more energy into your life, you might want to invest in a high-vibe healing amulet—or try reiki!

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