J. Crew shares its models’ glowy skin secret—and it’s organic

The signature J. Crew look—pretty pastel lips and natural, glowy skin—comes from a non-toxic, indie darling, RMS Beauty. And the store's now stocking it.
Rose-Marie Swift’s fastidiously natural beauty products are responsible for the signature glowy skin and perfectly pink pout of many a J. Crew model. (Rosemarie Swift and model; Photo: J. Crew)


J. Crew models have become synonymous with a pretty pastel lip and natural, glowy skin. Ask anyone who’s ever opened a catalog.

This month we learned their secret (besides great lighting and genes): Rose-Marie Swift, or RMS Beauty to be exact. The New York makeup artist’s indie line has become a go-to for creating J. Crew’s natural beauty look, giving the non-toxic brand more mass appeal and street cred by the minute.

What is the house of Jenna Lyons using to illuminate the skin of models sporting spring cashmere sweaters and must-have skinny utility pants?

“To create our signature dewy look, we dab the Living Luminizer along the cheekbone, brow line and bow of the lips,” says J. Crew women’s stylist, Gayle Spannaus. “It’s amazing—the models look like they are lit from within.”

The relationship between the brands grew naturally from the makeup artists and photoshoots. “In the past, we’ve had customers call us and say that J.Crew’s customer service department told them the models got their glow from the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. We were so surprised and grateful to say the least,” explains Swift.

RMS Beauty’s signature glass pots (Photo: J. Crew)


And now it’s a “no-makeup makeup” look you can get while you’re perusing the J. Crew racks, as the clothing company is also stocking three of the RMS Beauty staples—currently the multitasking Lip2Cheek in Demure ($36), along with the Living Luminizer (aka Swift’s “hero product”), and Lip Shine in Bloom.

And the fashion brand is also sharing how-to tips that Swift uses on her celeb (and civilian) clients. One that you can use right now (or on a future didn’t-sleep-much morning)? “Tap a little on the inside corners of the eyes,” Swift says. Model or not, “that gives everyone’s eyes a beautiful, reflective glow.” —Melisse Gelula

For more information, visit www.jcrew.com or www.rmsbeauty.com

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