The natural face oil that Kate Middleton swears by

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Photo: Beuti

Royals, they’re just like us! Or at least they really like organic, all-natural face oils like we do. In this case, we’re talking one specific natural face oil called Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir, which, according to our sources, has made a fan out of none other than Kate Middleton.

So what exactly is in this made-in-the-UK oil that’s keeping the royal complexion radiant and clear? An ultra-potent mix of 14 plant-based oils like camellia oil, bitter cherry seed oil, and seabuckthorn oil, to name a few. There’s also sandalwood nut kernel oil, which helps to prevent collagen and elastin degradation and Caribbean coral extract, a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to neutralize one of the enzymes responsible for irritating and inflaming the skin.

Photo: Beuti
Photo: Beuti

In fact, Beuti’s whole purpose is to fight “inflammaging,” which is defined by dermatologists as a condition of persistent and prolonged skin inflammation over time. Inflammaging can be caused by harsh products, overexposure to sun and pollution, or even too much exfoliation. “Inflammation causes the skin to degrade its supply of collagen and elastin,” explains Beuti founder Leila Aalam. “This breaks down the barrier function of the skin, causing the onset of ‘inflammaging’ and visible skin aging.” To combat this, she says that topical antioxidants and anti-inflammatory skincare products are key (along with the use of a daily SPF and a reduction in the use of harsh chemicals on the skin).

Currently, Beuti sells only the one oil, though they have plans to release several new products—including a cleanser, a collagen-building serum, and a defense cream—in the coming months. And if the new launches are anywhere as popular as the Beauty Sleep Elixir (which the Duchess has already nabbed three bottles of, our inside source tells us), you might have to fight the (notoriously athletic) royal to get the goods. You’ve been warned.

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