These new skin-care products are loaded with global beauty secrets

The new multitasking product. Photo: Lina Hanson
Lina Hanson travels the world for beauty inspiration
Photo: Lina Hanson

For Swedish-born makeup artist, eco-beauty author, and skin-care mastermind Lina Hanson, the world is her oyster—and muse. She’s not one for whom travel means just lying on a beach. Hanson digs deep. “We use a lot of the beauty rituals people around the world have been doing for centuries as inspiration,” says the Los Angeles resident, who just re-launched her skin-care line and returned from an eye-opening trip to Southeast Asia, Burma, and Iraq.

“Spending time with indigenous people in different cultures…I always find they know so much more about the earth and natural resources than we do. We’ve gone so far from that by relying on products made in labs,” she says.

To stay as close to her idyll of nature as possible, Hanson hand-blends her collection in small batches—even though her company is growing quickly. Her signature product, the Global Beauty Face Serum, which put her on the map, is now a best-seller and cult fave.

“I never wanted to have this big company, but it organically grew,” she says modestly. When celebrities (she works with Morena Baccarin, Emily Deschanel, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman, among others) began using her oil, it spawned press inquiries, “so were were forced to get a website up and everything was rushed,” says Hanson.

Lina Hanson Global Face Trio
The new multitasking Global Face Trio. Photo: Lina Hanson

Now, fresh off a long tour of Myanmar and Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, where her husband is from, comes a relaunch: redesigned packaging, slight tweaks to the much-loved Global Baby Serum ($35, which adults with sensitive skin also use), a revamped website that will soon feature The Bazaar, selling one-of-a-kind handmade items from her travels, and excitingly, two brand-new formulas.

In Myanmar and Thailand Hanson discovered chanaka, a powder made from tree bark used to prevent acne, brighten, protect skin from the sun and soothe. “I saw people using it everywhere and I was really intrigued,” says Hanson. “So I spent several days with some Burmese women and they told me how they were using it and where to get it.”

Now it’s the heart of her new Global Face Trio ($70), a multipurpose powder with three uses: cleanser, exfoliator, mask (mix with yogurt for hydration, honey for breakouts). Its versatility and easily packable powder form stay with the travel theme.

I almost feel like women are doing too much. Go a day or two with no makeup at all, and moisturize well.

Hanson also just debuted Golden Treasures ($105), a brightening balm that you can use around your eyes, to help soften fine lines, and boost hydration everywhere. It incorporates shea and cocoa butters, pearl powder (a traditional Chinese ingredient), matcha, and 24k gold, inspired by the Egyptians and Japanese, she says.

Even as a makeup artist with her own skin-care line, you’ll never hear Hanson pushing products. Her less-is-more approach to beauty centers around inside-out care: eating heathy, drinking tons of water, and “listening to and watching the skin.” For a glow, she swears by an anti-inflammatory golden milk drink she makes nightly. (Recipe: Warm coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.)

Golden Treasures Lina Hanson balm with gold flakes.
The new Golden Treasures balm with matcha and gold flakes. Photo: Lina Hanson

“I almost feel like women are doing too much,” she says. “We get bombarded with so many skin-care products, and I feel it’s better to let your skin breathe. Go a day or two with no makeup at all, and moisturize well.”

Ultimately, says the globally minded beauty visionary, “the more natural approach is better for me as a makeup artist, because [great skin] means less work for me later.” And, hey, great skin doesn’t work out too badly for the rest of us either.

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