This could be Los Angeles’ most coveted pedicure appointment

Notice how the nontoxic nail salon has become a sacred place for me-time? (Hey, I can’t email with wet nails or put my shoes on to dash anywhere for at least 15 minutes!) Which is why Olive & June’s new Alice pedicure is an especially healthy—and luxe—addition to the scene.

For this new nail service, founder and beauty guru Sarah Gibson Tuttle tapped exquisite indie brands she deemed worthy of Los Angeles’ natural-leaning It girls and their feet.

“We kept getting requests for a true spa-pedicure experience,” says Gibson Tuttle. “But we really wanted to take it to the next level,” she says of the 75-minute pedicure, which costs $90. (There is also an Alice mani, which costs $50 and lasts an hour.)

Why should you dip your toe in?

The rejuvenating and beautifying Alice pedi starts with a sea salt-and-seaweed Pursoma detoxifying foot bath, from a new high-intensity collection of bath salts, algae, and clays that “combat the effects of urban toxicity.” (Each product is organic, hand-harvested, or sustainably farmed.)

After a five-minute soak, your feet are exfoliated with an all-natural Ojai Sugar Lemongrass Scrub, made by the Ojai-based Bernadette King, who Gibson Tuttle discovered at a farmers’ market. Comprised of fair-trade organic shea butter and essential and moisturizing oils, the scrub helps tame the inevitable effects of a life lived in heels.

(Photo: Olive and June)
(Photo: Olive and June)

The pedi piece de resistance is an extended massage, administered with the luxe Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil—a plant-based favorite of Gibson Tuttle’s—which is rubbed into your legs and feet for 15 glorious minutes (7.5 minutes on each leg, but who’s counting). “We were waiting to find the right, high-end treatment to use it in,” she says.

After your feet are softened with a nontoxic paraffin wax, then your toes are polished, with say, a rad color from Kure Bazaar, and sealed with five-free treatments like HIPPxRGB Liquid Buff or RGB’s topcoat.

“We start with the maintenance and then get to all the decadent layers of happiness,” says Gibson Tuttle of the thoughtful process that went into creating the Alice.

Indeed, the only thing she might have thought to add are chic new sandals to wear on your way out…  —Sari Anne Tuschman

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