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Jessa Blades
Natural beauty expert, makeup artist, and herbalist Jessa Blades has been teaching New York women how to make their own wholesome beauty products for years.

Now, she’s making it even easier for them, with the launch of her wellness-infused beauty line, Blades Natural Beauty, which includes both facial products and teas. “I love selling tea along with skin care. When people are stressed out, you first see it on their skin,” Blades says.My mission is to really opening peoples minds up to the idea of beauty and wellness being connected.”

Jessa Blades
Green beauty goddess, Jessa Blades

Blades says the products are fine-tuned versions of the products she’s been making for herself and for clients, but that theses bottled versions are refined and ready for the limelight. They’ll be sold on her website and at the Caron Callahan at Wythe Hotel shop, and she plans on expanding the line down the road.

The line debuted with Jessa’s Healthy Skin Essentials ($45), a kit that includes a Balancing Face Wash, Magic Powder, and four Mountain Woman Tea teabags.

The Balancing Face Wash is a gentle Ayurvedic-inspired formula meant to restore skin back to health, with ingredients like calendula and rose petals.

The Magic Powder, made with two types of clay, is named for its many varied uses—as a face mask, acne spot treatment, bug bite salve, and even toothpaste substitute. Both products are dry powders that are meant to be mixed with a few drops of water to use.

And the nervous-system soothing, stress-reducing Mountain Woman Tea adds a final holistic step to the beauty regimen. “It’s like that deep breath for your body,” Blades says. She named the tea to honor the hard-working women for whom, she hopes, the line will bring a little beauty and wellness to their crazy lives.

“We’re all so busy and trying to do our best work, whether literally walking up mountains or up fourth floor walk-ups with a baby carriage and groceries after a long day.” Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? —Lisa Elaine Held

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