Miranda Kerr: Natural beauty tips from a bombshell

The Aussie supermodel (and wife of Orlando Bloom) takes her natural beauty so seriously she created a skin-care line that could keep up.
Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr, the model-founder of Kora Organics


Sometimes, there are women you just want to hate. Take Miranda Kerr: The Victoria’s Secret model is gorgeous, married to Orlando Bloom (AKA the handsomest elf in history), and has an Aussie accent to boot. In a word, ugh.

But upon closer inspection, it seems Kerr is actually a thoughtful entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to clean, natural living—and developed a skin-care line called Kora Organics that uses only natural and organic ingredients. (She’s awaiting certification of her line.)

Kerr uses an antioxidant-rich base of Noni fruit extract in her products, which are infused with plant-based ingredients like rosehip seed oil (loaded with fatty acids and vitamin C) and licorice, a natural brightener. Three-product collections (about $150 for the set) are designed according to skin type, and her specialty serums, treatments, and body care are a hit down under.

And then, because she’s actually not hate-able at all, Kerr let us in on a few tips and skin-care tactics of her own. —Catherine Pearson

What’s your number one beauty obsession?
Every woman wants beautiful, glowing skin. And in my profession, I have no option but to nourish and look after mine. My daily routine involves three basic steps of cleansing (using our Foaming Cleanser), toning (using our Energizing Citrus Mist) and moisturizing (using our Hydrating Day and Night Cream). I also use our Luxurious Rose Hip Oil, as it’s full of essential fatty acids and antioxidant-rich qualities.

Kora Organics
Kora Organics Essential Set, with cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, is like an all-natural Clinique

What beauty routines do you swear by?
First thing in the morning, I have a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice. Lemon juice is great for detoxing, alkalizing the body and improving digestion.

I also scrub my entire body with a dry brush—it stimulates blood lymph flow, exfoliates your skin, and encourages new cell growth.

Anything else?
I eat fresh, organic produce as much as I can. It’s important to fill your body with nutritious foods—being healthy on the inside really results in healthy, glowing skin.

Okay, last one: What’s the one piece of natural beauty advice you’d give people?
What we put on our skin soaks in—use organic.

For more information, visit www.koraorganics.com

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