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Jesse Golden bottles her secret scent of love. (Photo: Bree Chiders)
Jesse Golden bottles her secret scent of love. (Photo: Bree Chiders)

Los Angeles-based fitness model, Hatha yoga teacher, and health coach Jesse Golden surely has no problem attracting love. But for years, she says, she’s been applying her signature blend of organic essential oils whenever she needed to balance and harmonize her energy with others’.

Now, she’s decided to start selling the fragrance as The Golden Secrets Essential Oil ($33), a clean-smelling citrus and floral essential oil blend with sensual and earthy top notes (the exact scent of the oils remain a secret, in keeping with the name, but Golden says they’re all high quality and natural).

(Photo: The Golden Secrets Essential Oil)
The Golden Secrets Blend ($33)

“Once your body adjusts to the synergy of the oil, it can attract and entice abundance in all areas of your life,” Golden says. “The Tantric magic of this blend originated from Roman folklore, and was used as an attraction oil or aphrodisiac to stimulate romance. Overall, I want people to cultivate a sense of self-love by taking time throughout the day to check in and apply it.”

The fragrance comes with a list of affirmations like “I am loved” and “I am beautiful” to recite while applying the oil, which Golden says will “further enhance its benefits.”

Of course, totally loving yourself and attracting your soul mate isn’t as simple as applying a fragrance, but taking time throughout the day to stop and smell the roses certainly sounds like a step in the right direction.

Bonus? Golden says it can also be used pre- and post-workout to feel strong and fresh—so at the very least it will help you smell a little less like the Barry’s Bootcamp class you just wrapped up before heading out to dinner. —Jamie McKillop

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