8 new, natural beauty products that help protect your skin from dropping temperatures

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Beauty companies know what’s up. With serious cold weather rapidly approaching, they can almost see us reaching for our winter jackets (too soon!), whipping up turmeric lattes and bone broth, and scrambling for creamier, richer skin-care products.

That explains why the latest beauty launches tap into our inclination to indulge and protect—AKA drawing a bath for some luxurious (anti-itch) soaks, taking ten minutes for nourishing facial masks, and slathering on the heavier-duty serums that help battle the lower temperatures.

Looking for an extra-nourishing arsenal of products to keep your skin glowing as the days grow gloomier?

Keep reading for the 8 new beauty products that’ll protect (and help perfect) your complexion through the fall.

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odacite mask
Photo: Odacite

1. Odacite Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque, $59

I try not to judge a skin-care product by its color, but I was super excited to see the gorgeous gray-blue hue of Odacite’s latest mask. It’s pretty satisfying to watch this mask harden and lighten—you’ll know (and feel) when it’s ready to rinse off. After it’s finished its four-pronged process—detoxing, peeling, brightening, and firming—your skin will have gone through a noticeable metamorphosis (in a really good way). The synergistic blend of clay, activated charcoal, fruit enzymes, and probiotics work wonders when it comes to revealing a more even complexion—even my hormonal chin acne appeared more chilled out afterwards.

cleansing milk
Photo: Oille

2. OILLE Watermelon + Sea Salt Organic Facial Cleansing Milk, $72

When it’s freezing out, sometimes even your skin craves comforting products (just me?). This organic milky cleanser hits the spot: it’s creamy, yet skin-balancing and packed with vitamins for your glow. Think watermelon seed oil—which balances your sebum production—lemon (a great pep-you-up in the a.m.), and mineral-rich sea salt that purifies and calms your skin (something we could all use in the harsher temperatures). My face actually feels noticeably clean after rinsing it off, yet it’s not stripped of its natural oils—perfect for the colder season.

skin owl bar
Photo: Skin Owl

3. Skin Owl Matcha Beauty Bar, $24

I’ve long been a big believer that humble bar soap is sufficient as facial cleanser and body wash, and if you deal with dry, why-aren’t-I-glowing skin, this antibacterial matcha edition will convince you, too. The antioxidant-fueled green tea improves cell regeneration (while fighting free radicals), and a load of moisturizing ingredients (like shea butter and olive oil) leave skin smooth without the tightness you find with conventional bars. Plus, it’s vegan and GMO-free, and the super fresh scent provides an energy burst in the a.m. Basically, it will Marie Kondo your shower caddy.

khus khus serum
Photo: Khus Khus

4. Khus+Khus Kama Body Serum, $84

This is like the supergroup of body oils: It combines the top solo players in one bottle, so you don’t have to mix and match on your own. The main ingredient is jasmine sambac, but it’s also packed with other anti-inflammatory, nourishing ingredients like jojoba, marula, and baobab oils. Applying this felt like slipping into a silk jumpsuit. It’s a total skin-soothing, body-quenching luxury—and the jasmine-sandalwood fragrance is intoxicating.


milk bath
Photo: A Wholesome Glow

5. A Wholesome Glow Milk Bath, $30

This dreamy bath elixir comes in a what looks like a mini milk bottle—which is fitting, since it’s courtesy of a family-run upstate New York dairy farm. I’m a self-described bath obsessive (as in, I choose to take baths over showers 98 percent of the time), so this stuff was right up my alley. But even if you treat baths like an occasional luxury, the soothing lavender and chamomile scent, gently exfoliating milk oil, and hydrating potato starch in this lightly foaming powder will turn your tub into a relaxing oasis.


drifter organics
Photo: Drifter Organics

6. Drifter Organics Basic Body Butter, $40

The overnight change of seasons from summer to (basically) winter isn’t just a hard transition emotionally—my skin is fighting back, hard. From dry, scaly legs to wind-chapped hands, this balm has been my freezing fall savior. It contains super-thick and moisturizing shea butter mixed with a trifecta of oils—safflower seed, sunflower seed, and jojoba seed—that rejuvenated my dry, itchy, cold-weathered skin. It’s pretty thick and leaves a bit of an oily residue—so not ideal for morning use—but I slather it on at night and wake up with glowing, super-soft skin.

captain blankenship body scrub
Photo: Captain Blankenship

7. Captain Blankenship Lime & Coconut Salty Sweet Body Scrub, $32

If you’re into teleporting yourself to a tropical beach in the midst of fall/winter, this handmade body scrub’s about to become your BFF. The organic ingredients (starring coconut oil, shea butter, and a cheerful citrus blend) join in harmony for a beachside vibe on your skin and gently exfoliate your dead skin cells, revealing a healthier glow (and ultra-soft skin), which is key to fighting dryness and soaking up body oils. Bonus—it doubles as a salty and sweet bath soak.

Photo: LXMI

8. LXMI Crème du Nil Pore-Refining Moisture Veil, $78

When your face is demonstrating all kinds of unhappy dry-skin behaviors, it can be tempting to reach for thick salves. But LMXI (pronounced Lux-Me) proves that light ingredients can deliver intense moisture—think fatty-acid packed Nilotica Reserve (an emollient shea butter whose harvest gives work to marginalized Ugandan women), plus squalene, aloe, and sodium hyaluronate. My combo dry-oily skin also loved the hibiscus flower acids, which provide some genius, pore-refining exfoliation. Plus it comes with a mini copper-tipped wand to massage around your facial contours and eyes, which feels cooling and amazing.

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