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Photo: Nike

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

The company that always reminds you to “just do it” is making doing it—whether your “it” is running, HIIT, or power-walking to make your brunch reservation—a lot more fun, fast, and personal.

At yesterday’s Nike Innovation Summit in New York City, the mega-brand unveiled its biggest releases for 2016—and among the buzz-worthy offerings (from a Riccardo Tisci activewear collab to this summer’s official Olympic uniforms) what stood out to us is how they’re looking to revolutionize the way people wear sneakers.

Yes, they want you to go way beyond the Roshe. From self-tying shoes to a pair of sneaks that take Air Max literally, it’s safe to say Nike’s here to disrupt your closet this year.

Here are the four new (super innovative) Nike sneakers that you need to know in 2016.

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Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

So you can skip socks (if you want): The LunarEpic

We’re calling it now: Expect this sneaker-sock hybrid to be showing up on the feet of your favorite street style darlings this spring. As a lifestyle shoe, it takes sock-free to the next level. And as a running shoe, you can keep your socks on while enjoying the LunarEpic’s benefits. The like-a-hug design provides loads of support, but it’s still a neutral, minimal-feeling shoe. The mid-rise fit and super grippy soles will have you hitting that incline on the ‘mill at Barry’s like it’s NBD. And let’s be honest, it looks pretty awesome, too.

When you can get it: Available now, $175.

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

So you can go the next step in barefoot-esque running: The Free RN Motion

According to Nike’s brainy researchers, the foot expands two widths and one length during every foot strike on the run. Which is a problem if you’re going for a barefoot-esque feel with a pair of too-tight sneaks. Their solution? The Free RN Motion,  a responsive redesign that turns the midsole into a dynamic, flexible (and glue-free) component that’s better able to move and shift as the body does with every stride. Plus, it features Nike’s chic-yet-functional Flyknit material—beloved by cardio queens and shopping power-walkers alike—to enhance the lightweight feel.

When you can get it: In April, for $150.

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

So you can run on air: The Air VaporMax

The Nike Air Max design has been around since 1987, but the shoe’s latest update aims to deliver on the name’s promise:  serious air. Previous iterations required layers of foam and rubber hugging air bubble-esque pockets to form the outsole, but thanks to some breakthrough technology Nike has cracked the code on making the air cushion the sole, well, sole. Expect some serious bounce and elasticity from the way-more lightweight shoe—perfect for those quick transitions from the TRX to box jumps.

When you can get it: January 2017.

Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

So you don’t have to tie your shoes: The HyperAdapt 1.0

If your version of the future included self-tying sneakers, well, the future is now. Meet the HyperAdapt 1.0, a shoe that’s pretty mind-blowing with its tech specs. When you step in, your heel hits a sensor, and the shoe automatically closes up. In other words, you don’t need to bunny-ear your laces to be good to go (or worry about falling behind your crew because you had to stop to re-tie). There are two buttons on the side of the shoe that let you tighten and loosen the adaptive laces, allowing you to adjust until the fit feels just right. (If you’re thinking something about the design looks kind of familiar, you’re right: The shoe’s design was inspired by Eve from Wall-E!)

When you can get it: The HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available only to Nike+ members, starting this holiday season.

For a not-as-techy pair of shoes for spring, we’re seeing white.