The 3 gorgeous clean beauty looks you need for the holidays

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Photo: Amanda Jo

While fall was all about pumpkin spice lip hues and shaggy hair, the holiday season calls for some seriously glam makeup looks (to go with your sparkly sneakers, of course).

That’s precisely why we tapped Amanda Jo, AKA Organic Bunny, to come up with the perfect beauty ideas to last through New Year’s. (Think serious glam—the #nomakeup movement will still be there when the holidays are over.) If anyone knows the best non-toxic makeup that can outlast (healthy) eggnog sipping, it’s her.

Though the San Diego-based beauty blogger can rattle off five-syllable toxic ingredients without missing a beat, Jo hasn’t always been so savvy about what’s lurking in personal care products.

“I have a really bad gluten allergy, and was researching to see if I had to avoid anything in skin care in addition to my diet,” says Jo. “That research led me down a black hole as I learned about so many harmful ingredients. I was just shocked and alarmed.”

Since then, she’s been posting about natural skin-care, makeup, and home products she’s tested and loved. “I thought it’d be cool to have a blog that appealed to the everyday girl that wants to do better for their body,” says Jo.

For the holidays, she’s all about the dramatic look. “I’m a huge girly-girl,” says Jo. “The more glam, the better. My favorite is the classic smokey eye…but I can’t resist a bold red lip.”

Keep reading to see the super-cute looks Jo created (all of which match perfectly with those holiday-appropriate leggings, btw).

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Photo: Amanda Jo

A winged cat-eye

“For those that may want a less traditional holiday look, how about opting for a gorgeous, deep plum lip paired with a winged liner instead?” says Jo. “I love this brand new semi-matte lipstick by 100% Pure in the shade Aubergine—not only is it made entirely with natural ingredients like cocoa butter and blueberries, but it’s really long lasting. To complete this look, I used the Hush + Dotti liquid liner in black to create a fiercely bold wing that’s completely non-toxic.”

Yes, winged liner is hard. “Use a makeup wipe!” says Jo. “Immediately after creating your wing, swipe the bottom edge with a makeup wipe to ensure a smooth, even line every single time! For an extra pop, add on a pair of Battington Lashes and you’re good to go.”

Photo: Amanda Jo
Photo: Amanda Jo

The perfect smokey eye

Of course, you can’t go wrong with some smokey eye action. “For this look, I used the Jane Iredale Daytime Eye Shadow Kit,” says Jo. “I chose the Oyster color for brow highlighting and the Charcoal shade for some serious smokey effects on the lid. To polish it off, I went with a classic nude lip to let the eyes steal the show. For that, I used the Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Desire which dries matte—for a more glossy look, top with the included gloss.”

To get a black that pops, Jo recommends using the Jane Iredale Black Jelly Jar as your eye primer and eyeliner for even more definition. “This creamy pigment provides texture for the shadow to hold onto, which helps with creasing and maximum color,” she says. “Dab a little on a brush and press onto the lid wherever you’d like to create a more dramatic black.”

Photo: Amanda Jo
Photo: Amanda Jo

A bold red lip

“Because it can’t quite be the holidays without a classic red lip, here I am wearing the Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Passion,” says Jo. “I love this lip stain because it applies effortlessly and dries to create the perfect matte red lip that stays put for hours! This stain even holds up when kissing, sipping and nibbling making it ideal for some serious holiday fun. The best part? These stains also come with a gloss on the opposite end of the stain so you can choose either a matte or glossy look.”

To create the perfect shape, Jo advises to start with a lip liner. “I used Jane Iredale’s Liner in Crimson to give my lips the shape I desired,” she says. And for that #flawless look, Jo recommends taking your concealer brush (before the product dries!) to wipe away any messy edges.

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