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The goal: A bold red lip and even bolder hair for your holiday party look. The issue: You’ve got the luxe natural lipstick…but that aerosol can of hair spray is anything but natural.

The solution: John Masters Organics’ Hair Spray. It’s a total game-changer.

The commercial hair spray sitting on your shelf probably uses chemicals like propylene glycol that you really don’t want to be breathing in and plastic polymers (AKA ocean destroyers) for hold—but John Masters Organics’ formula taps completely healthy plant-based ingredients to keep your strands in place. Oh, and nourishing aloe vera and bergamot ensure your tresses are protected from damage.

Spritz it on a romantic fishtail braid, a slicked-back pony, or voluminous curls for a chic look that will last all night, courtesy of a planet-friendly, non-aerosol bottle.

A certified organic hair spray that’s built for salon-quality (and Instagram-ready) results? Count that as a win.

Ready to upgrade your holiday hairstyles? Grab it now at

Photo: John Masters Organics