Prime time: 6 tips for beating summer shine

Everyone’s obsessed with getting the glow, says makeup artist Jessa Blades. But in summer it comes pretty naturally. How to defeat the melty feeling of unwanted shine.

Everyone’s obsessed with ‘getting the glow,’ says Jessa Blades, a makeup artist who stocks her kit with all-natural products. But in summer it comes pretty naturally. “Skin’s more hydrated this time of year,” she says. “And even if you use sunscreen, heat naturally boosts color in your skin.” In some cases, so much so that attention turns from keeping your natural summer flush from turning into an wanted summer flash flood.

How to defeat the melty, drippy feeling of unwanted shine?

“Use less cream-based moisture for one,” says Blades, who recommends stashing your face and eye creams in the fridge, along with a hydrosol mist. “Sometimes in summer your face almost feels swollen. Applying cool creams in the morning and spraying your face with a chilled hydrosol feels amazing.” It can help rein in the puffy feeling and help makeup sit, not slide, down your skin.

Blades gives us six recommendations and tips for getting unwanted summer shine to submit:

Keys Soap Solar Therapeutic Sunblock, SPF 30
“I love this product because it works as a light moisturizer too, which is great for summer,” says Blades. It’s one of the safest, most effective sunscreens on the market, according to the Environmental Working Group, and Consumer Reports calls it one of the most effective broad-spectrum sunblocks.

Mattifying powder
Jane Iredale Beyond Matte
“This new long-lasting powder has medium coverage and really absorbs oil,” says Blades. It comes in four colors including translucent, which Blades especially suggests for summer. “When you do mid-day touch ups, you don’t get too much color layered on. Apply it all over with a powder brush or just touch up your T-zone and forehead to prevent shine.”

Blotting paper
Tatcha Blotting Papers
This biodegradable blotting paper from Japan is Blades’ favorite. “Gently pat your face with a single sheet wherever there’s oil,” she explains. “And you can use both sides of the sheet.” The packaging is origami gorgeous, too. Through Friday, get $2 off any Tatcha purchase by entering the discount code WELLANDGOOD.

Eyelid primer
Jane Iredale’s Eye Gloss
Eyelids can get slippery in the summer. For this, Blades recommends priming the lid with your regular concealer or the mattifying powder before applying color. “Another option is Eye Gloss that dries into a perfect eyelid base. It comes in several colors, so also makes a light eye-shadow substitute,” says Blades.

No-drip mascara
Couleur Caramel black mascara

For a summer mascara, Blades like the black wand from Couleur Caramel. “It creates a nice, full lash and is long-wearing,” she says.

Subtle cheek color
Revolution Organics Glow Beauty Balm

“The two colors—a pink one and an orange-y one—look good on the majority of people and give you a really nice natural flush of cheek color, if you need it. They’re foolproof to apply and you can use it the on the lips, too.”

Jessa Blades, Blades Natural Beauty, 424-225-2337,

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