12 face masks with super-clean ingredients to soothe your winter-blasted skin

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Unless you’ve been going around dressed like a masked ninja every day this winter (which, in New York City, we’ve definitely done), your face is getting all kinds of exposure to wind, crazy temperatures (cold outside, broiling in your office), and dryness that a humidifier can barely set right.

Even moisturizers, serums, and SPFs can’t completely battle the effects these radiance-robbers have on your skin.

That’s where these 12 face masks come in. Packed with plant power, natural enzymes, detoxing clays, and other super-dermal fuel, they quickly infuse winter skin with the healing touch it needs—while helping fight breakouts, brighten, and heal.

Slather them on to quell the overall meh-ness this season has bestowed upon your face—just in time for spring.

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Photo: Herbivore

Issue: Dull Skin
Herbivore Brighten Pineapple Enzyme + Gemstone Instant Glow Mask, $48
Natural radiance in 15 minutes? Sign us up. This mask gently exfoliates with pineapple and papaya enzymes, smoothes your complexion with rice powder, and uses rose distillate to tone. And don’t freak out if your face gets warm and tingly when you put it on—that’s just the Brazilian white tourmaline gemstone boosting your skin circulation while it works.

Photo: Captain Blankenship

Issue: Dull Skin
Captain Blankenship Petal Gentle Face Mask, $35
Beyond the fact that this pretty pink mask smells like roses (organic petals are a main ingredient), you’ll love that it naturally polishes away dead skin with alpha hydroxy-packed hibiscus powder and cleansing French pink clay. To help with dermal repair, there’s a soothing blend of organic manuka honey, chamomile powders, and wild carrot seed oil (a good source of vitamins C and E).


Issue: Dull Skin
Laurel Brighten Face Mask, $60
Ideal for sun-damaged or hyperpigmented complexions, Laurel’s mask does more than brighten (though its essential oil arsenal of frankincense, sweet orange, and lemon definitely helps with that). It also firms skin up and fights signs of aging with vitamin-rich whole plants like camu camu, acerola berry, and rosehip fruit.

Photo: May Lindstrom

Issue: Clogged Pores
May Lindstrom Skin, The Problem Solver Correcting Masque, $90
This mask launched years ago but it’s so effective, we had to include it. Activate its blemish-fighting power when you mix the powder into a mousse and paint it on with the included application brush (a nice upgrade to the at-home spa experience). Bamboo charcoal, a trio of clays, and sea salt pull out toxins and deep clean pores; raw cacao fortifies the skin with antioxidants; and vitamin C helps to heal blemishes. And it smells like a winter wonderland, thanks to warming spices like cinnamon, turmeric, and clove.

Photo: Indie Lee

Issue: Blackheads and Breakouts
Indie Lee Clearing Mask, $60
Blackhead-busting bentonite clay and fruit-derived acids are this formula’s secret to gently dissolving dry cells to reveal fresh skin. The best part is, your face feels replenished, not stripped: Extracts from plants like seaweed and chamomile help to fortify and calm after the deep clean.


Issue: Clogged Pores and Imbalanced Skin
Tammy Fender Purifying Luculent Masque, $215
Fender’s holistic remedy isn’t called “luculent” for nothing. (And if you had to look that up in the dictionary like we did, it means “clear or lucid.”) Powerful detoxifying herbs like Fo-Ti, also known as Chinese knotweed, and great burdock work with illite clay to absorb toxins, tighten pores, and give your skin cells a regenerative boost. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use three times a week, so you can carry that clarified glow into the weekend.

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Photo: Bottega Organica

Issue: Dryness
Bottega Organica Restorative Mask Formula, $116
Smooth on this emollient blend and let the healing begin. Packed with natural moisturizers like organic beeswax, extra-virgin olive oil, and shea butter, it’s luxurious yet lightweight—meaning you can use it as a traditional mask and wipe it off after 30 minutes, or wear it overnight (or in skin-drying situations like airplane flights) without breaking out. And a dose of fruit-derived vitamins and herbs like sage and chamomile are just as revitalizing as the fresh orange scent. 

Photo: Fig+Yarrow

Issue: Dryness
Fig+Yarrow White Clay Mask, $23
Finicky, flaky skin, you’ve met your match. This white China clay-based mask balances and soothes while it dissolves chapped areas away. Orange blossom essence follows up as a softener and toner, helping your face maintain its natural moisture. There’s also something about Fig+Yarrow beauty products that feels super special, and authentic. Think: Modern apothecary meets serious soul.

Photo: Meow Meow Tweet

Issue: Dryness and uneven tone
Meow Meow Tweet Face Mask, $30
We love a good multitasker, and this formula definitely fits the bill. It seals in moisture with aloe vera powder, which spurs to action when you mix the mask with water. Then it evens out your skin tone with exfoliating organic pumpkin and chickpea flour and gets lymph circulation going with French pink clay, so you’ve got a fresh, hydrated glow.


Issue: Irritation
La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Mask, $60
As the name suggests, Manuka honey (which is considered a medical grade ingredient in New Zealand) is the star of this formulaand it packs some serious moisturizing and bacteria-fighting power. It’s mixed with activated charcoal, Australian sandalwood, and a special clay blend to clear out even more toxins. And to nix inflammation? Look no further than organic turmeric and Gotu Kola, a medicinal herb used for centuries in India and China.


Issue: Redness 
Cocovit Coconut Charcoal Mask, $38
Get damaged skin back on track with turmeric and neem powders, this mask’s answer to redness and congestion, and a dash of collagen-boosting Indian ginseng. Some charcoal formulas leave your skin feeling a bit too tight after they pull all the gunk out of your pores—not so with Cocovit’s, which has a hydrating coconut oil base that leaves your face noticeably soft post-use.


Sodashi-Brightening_Mineral_Marine_Mask Issue: Lackluster skin
Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask, $120
This is an amazing brand made in Australia (the employees listen to mantras and chanting while filling the jars and bottles) and it’s used at top tier spas around the world. In addition to good energy, it contains a special mix of firming plant essences like regenerating rosewood, brightening citrus extracts, plus clays and seaweed to detoxify. So yes, it’s gentle godsend for lackluster skin.



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