The guide to prepping your skin for a (glowy) night out

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When you have a big event or something on the evening’s calendar besides Netflix, it’s time to put your best face forward.

Of course, that’s not something you can just grab and put on like, say, Stan Smiths (which look great with a dress!). But with a little TLC, it’s easy to achieve some serious natural radiance for your p.m. outing—and skin expert Courtney Wells from Heyday Tribeca in New York City showed us how.

“There are certain tricks and steps to do to make your skin beautiful and glowy before a night out,” says Wells. “You could actually do this every day if you want—all the products are very gentle that we use here.”

The major move to add a bit of oomph for nighttime? Exfoliation, which will help remove any dullness that hides your natural beauty.

Keep reading to find out how get luminous skin before a night on the town. Now…what to wear?

Get Started
one love organics oil cleanser
Photo: One Love Organics

“Start with an oil cleanser,” says Wells. “The Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil by One Love Organics has fruit enzymes and organic oils, which break up the makeup, dirt, and city grime. It also really allows all of your products to penetrate your skin better.”

image vital c cleanser
Photo: Image

“After you remove all your makeup and the city grime, you want to go in with your second cleanse,” says Wells. “If you have dry skin, stick with a gentle cleanser. I love Image’s Vital C Cleanser because it gives you that glowy look and it’s really hydrating.”

image vital c mask
Photo: Image

Next is the exfoliation. “We love enzymes here,” says Wells. “They’re very gentle, and basically exfoliate any dead skin but no live tissue, so you’re never going to get irritated, sensitized, or red.” She recommends using Image’s Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask in the shower for a few minutes and then remove.

naturopathica mist
Photo: Naturopathica

“After you cleanse, you always want to do some kind of toner,” says Wells. “I really love hydrosols right now because they’re super hydrating, great for sensitive skin, and deliver a lot of botanicals and great ingredients right into your skin. They really allow your moisturizer to penetrate a little better as well.” Wells recommends Naturopathica’s Rose Geranium Soothing Mist, with calendula flower oil to balance and soothe dryness.

carrot seed oil naturopathica
Photo: Naturopathica

Post-spritzing, follow up with a moisturizer. “We love oils—and your skin really loves them too,” she says. “Don’t be afraid of oil if you’re oily, either, because it really balances out your sebum. Whether you’re oily or dry, just find an oil that’s not going to clog your pores.” She likes Naturopathica’s Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil. “Carrot seed is rich in vitamin A, so you get a little bit of that retinol effect and your skin just loves that.”

From there, you can put on some (natural) makeup—or rock the au naturel trend, because your skin will be looking amazing.

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