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Lovin SummerSay goodbye to the half-broken beach umbrella that haunts your closet like the ghost of sandy summers past. Aussie brand Lovin’ Summer wants to up your sun-protection game with totally chic new beach “tents” in which to apply your SPF 30 and actually read a book.

The brand just launched stateside, offering four tent styles, in fashionable patterns and colors, each named after an iconic beach from around the world. They all have UPF 40 fabric, and come neatly packaged with a matching carryall bag.

It also meets an important criteria in the things-you-lug-to-the-beach department: the company swears the tents are easily assembled by one person, so you don’t have to be the maniac wrestling with your shade-lending accessory for hours, only to give up and risk a burn.

At $169 a pop, they don’t come cheap. But can you really put a price on sun protection (that doesn’t divert attention from the chic new suit you’ve been waiting to wear)? —Jamie McKillop

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(Photo: Lovin’ Summer)