Summer salve: A badass surfer babe’s line of rad (and functional) skin care

After years of salt water and wipeouts, Brooklyn surfer Jun Lee created a natural skin-care line to look after her skin, hair, and bruises—and yours, too.
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Jun Lee, the surfer, fitness badass, and beauty entrepreneur behind EiR skin care. (Photo: EiR)

It’s not clear whether it was the 50 stitches she got after a surfing accident or the three concussions that led Jun Lee, 35, to start her own line of functional beauty products.

The Brooklyn-based surfer and founder of the natural skin-care line EiR (pronounced “air”), has spent her whole life swimming, dirt biking, and competing in Muay Thai. So, after years of salt water, sweat, and the not-so-pretty injuries that come with her athletic pursuits, Lee no longer wanted to use sketchy petroleum balms, over-the-counter pain meds, and chemical-filled sunscreens—to heal or prevent the bumps, bruises, and burns that happen along the away. “I’m obsessed with my skin…and I love being in the ocean and out in the sun, but there’s a conflict,” says Lee, who launched her line earlier this year.

EiR was born out of Montauk (when Lee was recovering from a surfing accident). The name EiR was inspired by a mythical goddess who used nature to heal people, she explains.

(Photo: EiR)
Lee, a former art curator, created cool simplicity in her packaging. All but one comes in little tin cases, perfect for throwing in your beach bag, or proudly displaying on your bathroom shelf. (Photo: EiR)

The seven-piece collection (priced from $10 to $35) that resulted uses natural ingredients like delicious smelling and effective coconut oil and essential oils. Standouts include a skin-protecting Surf Mud + Zinc (comparable to an SPF 30), which feels like silk. “It only has six ingredients. I wanted to have a product line that’s simple. No preservatives,” says Lee, proudly. Her Cooling Butter infuses arnica plants and peppermint to give you that Tiger Balm feeling, without the icky petrolatum, and Rolling With It, is a topical pain reliever that looks like perfume.

She already has fans in high places, too, including pro-surfer Kassia Meador and model-turned-hat maker Nick Fouquet. “I’m making something that I love and I can share with others. It feels very satisfying,” Lee says. Our summer skin thanks her in advance. —Molly Gallagher

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