TenOverTen nails its second location—and a hot summer polish collection

The trend-setting Tribeca nail salon opens a second location in Midtown’s Underground at Le Parker Meridien—and 5-free polishes to die for.
tenoverten nail polishes
TenOverTen's new summer collection of 5-free nail polishes


If you know nails in New York, then you know TenOverTen. The Tribeca nail salon became the city’s non plus ultra of impeccable nail style—and hygiene—when it launched into a landscape of underachieving, over-priced primping.

Today, its trend-setting owners Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Ferber, open a new location in Midtown’s Underground at Le Parker Meridien Hotel. They’ve also launched a collection of to-die-for summer polishes.

“We’re part of an underground beauty destination, a collection of like-minded lifestyle businesses,” says Ilyinsky, who at 6 feet and always impeccably styled is easy to spot at the Tribeca flagship’s vintage check-in desk.

“We’ve brought the Tribeca vibe uptown, with a little twist. It has the same look and feel, same custom tables, and iPad perks,” says Ilyinsky, though there’s less square feet. And, because they don’t mess around when it comes to hygiene, they’ve stocked the same autoclaves to clean instruments on site and easy-to-sanitize bowls for foot baths.

TenOverTen founders
TenOverTen's Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Ferber (Photo: Vogue)

So what’s new? The amazing summer collection of five stunning TenOverTen colors, which are 3-free (no dbp, formaldehyde, or toluene), as well as free of formaldehyde resin and camphor (just to be safe).

The collection features two noteworthy collaborations: One with the Parker Meridien, which highlights their New York and Palm Springs locations, with a sweet tangerine and deep wild rose (pictured fourth and fifth, above).

And another collaboration with SoulCycle, hence the lemon-twist shade. “They’re big in Tribeca, and we have so many customers who go there. The owners of Soul are TenOverTen fans, and we’re theirs. Nadine is big SoulCycler.” (No, manicures don’t come with a free class. We suggested it!)

The other positively popping shades are named for “all our favorite downtown streets,” says Ilyinsky, who notes that mixing and matching colors has become incredibly popular this season.

“We’re seeing a lot of women, sophisticated women, mixing up the colors on their hands, or having a ring finger painted a different color.”  —Melisse Gelula

Would you try the multi-color trend? Tell us in the Comments, below!

For appointments and polishes ($18 each), visit www.tenoverten.com

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