The natural beauty products Well+Good editors are obsessed with right now

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As natural beauty aficionados, we at Well+Good are constantly testing out the latest non-toxic, oh-so-cool personal-care products to slather on and pucker up with in the name of research. It’s rough, but someone needs to help our readers navigate the (natural) makeup aisle, right?

Becoming beauty guinea pigs means that we try just about everything out there—and in the process, sometimes fall so truly, madly, deeply in love with certain items that we simply cannot live without.

The list is constantly changing (we’re admittedly not 100 percent monogamous—that’s what happens when your beauty cabinet gets a refresh on the reg), but here’s what each Well+Good editor is currently crazy about.

In no particular order, the six most prized natural beauty products lining Well+Good editors’ bathroom cabinets right now are…

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frank's coffee coconut body scrub

Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub, $23

The exfoliator that eliminates bacne

I used to exfoliate once a week. But that was BFB—before Frank Body. Since discovering the Aussie beauty brand, I’ve become so obsessed with their coconut coffee scrub that I exfoliate with it every single morning. Coffee grounds, the main ingredient, are so effective at clearing up acne (and bacne, and anywhere-else acne) that Frank Body’s #frankfeedback tag has over 4,000 photos of customers showing the amazing before-and-after effects of using the scrub. While I’ve blessedly never suffered from body breakouts, I love the scrub because it makes my skin feel super smooth, and the coffee smell almost wakes me up better than a cup of the real stuff. —Emily Laurence, food + health editor


drunk elephant lala retro whipped cream

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, $60

The light-as-air—but mighty—moisturizer 

I’ve been slathering on this cream every night this summer—and plan to keep doing so into fall. It’s the perfect gel-cream combo, and is very lightweight and hydrating without feeling too thick and heavy. I love that it’s instantly hydrating without feeling greasy. It won’t pull a Mother Teresa and perform miracles, but it’s dependable and consistent—and I wake up with soft, refreshed skin. —Katie Maguire, assistant editor


100% pure lipstick

100% Pure Fruit-Pigmented Anti-Aging Lipstick in Poppy, $29

The go-to lipstick

I own a lot of lipstick (like, a lot) but this is one of the best all-natural tubes to cross my desk. It’s super pigmented but not at all drying, thanks to organic shea butter, pomegranate oil, and cocoa seed butter coming in at 1-2-3 on the ingredient list. The color, a berry-kissed red, is one of those flattering-on-everyone hues. And this might sound weird, but I love the way it smells. —Rebecca Willa Davis, deputy editor


nubian heritage body wash

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Wash, $12

The best body wash for that city grime

This body wash is really effective at cleaning up summer skin—whether I’ve worked out or just need to wash the steamy, grimy city gunk off of me—while still being gentle. Black soap has been made for centuries in Africa, out of palm ash, plantain peel, and other natural ingredients that make it a mild exfoliator as well as a cleanser. It just brings everything back to balance. It is the ultimate bacne-buster, and somehow it also makes my elbows smooth and moisturized. Magic! —Erin Hanafy, senior editor, articles & special projects


sundara vata face serum

Sundara Holistic Vata Face Serum, $45

The magical elixir that illuminates your skin

I always use a facial oil—it’s the secret to glowy, hydrated healthy skin (that and kale smoothies). This one is organic and handmade, and the consistency is super-light for something so nourishing. Jojoba is comparable to your skin’s oil so it absorbs really well—but I still get all the essential fatty acids from avocado oil—and the lavender is really calming.

I love that it’s an indie Ayurvedic brand—I’ve been interested in the doshas for a long time and the holistic approach to health, food, and beauty. Founder Kiera Nachman is super passionate and—get this—she infuses her products with reiki energy and ancient Vedic mantras, so I like to think I’m getting some extra healing magic that goes beyond my face, too. —Melisse Gelula, co-founder and editorial director


root science facial cleansing bar

Root Science Gentle Cleansing Bar, $20

The anti-inflammatory bar soap that makes your face squeaky clean

I’m not a bar soap person, but this organic cleanser has been a game-changer. Upon wetting the bar in your hands, it creates the perfect amount of lather on your face and is super-hydrating. After I rinse it off, my face feels baby-soft and ultra clean—don’t be deceived by the bar’s plain appearance. Plus, it has only seven active ingredients (and no preservatives at all) so it’s pure goodness for my face. The goods? Coconut and olive oils hydrate, while star ingredient and anti-inflammatory powerhouse calendula flower extract is ideal for acne healing. Bonus points for being portable—the TSA liquids rules does not apply here. —Rachel Lapidos, editorial assistant

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