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BlowtoxMany a fitness maven will admit to skipping spin class in order to salvage a glossy, fresh, and often-pricey blowout. Can a popular wrinkle-fighting injectable help?

The “blowtox,” reports Grace Gold for Yahoo Health, has officially become a thing, with botox being used to deaden “the ability for nerves to trigger sweat glands, so that theoretically, even a hike up Mount Everest would leave the scalp dry and a hairstyle in place.”

Using Botox to combat excessive underarm sweating is not new, but having it injected onto the hairline is. Of course, the derms Yahoo Health talked to cautioned against the procedure, arguing that your scalp sweats when you’re getting your cardio on for good reason. “You sweat when you exercise to release heat and regulate body temperature—and that’s a normal, healthy process,” Doris Day, MD says. “It may be safe to do it, but it’s not smart.”

So maybe read up before you book that post-DreamDry, pre-date night hot yoga class—and we’d generally recommend embracing the sweat that proves how hard you’re working.—Sarah Sarway

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