The new way to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine

how to use organic virgin coconut oil As the daughter of a legendary surfer growing up on the beach (and on a catamaran!) in Hawaii, Kiana Cabell says coconuts were, obviously, an everyday fixture in her life, whether she was sipping the water on a hot day or slathering the oil on a sunburn.

“I had a strong attraction to and love for coconut oil,” says Cabell, who just launched Kopari, a new line of products that is built around organic coconut oil’s many varied beauty powers.

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Cabell, who fell even more in love with the ingredient in the kitchen after training as a healthy chef at Natural Gourmet Institute, teamed up with Suja juice co-founder James Brennan and beauty world pro Bryce Goldman.

“We wanted to create a line of beauty products that maximize coconut oil’s benefits,” she says, so all are made with 100 percent organic virgin coconut oil and are paired with complementary ingredients, like a special shea butter that keeps coconut oil from solidifying and lightens it up so it sinks into your skin more quickly (i.e. no sticking to everything every time you apply). And all ingredients are clean and healthy (with the exception of chemical fragrance only in the Body Glow, which the brand says was tested and confirmed “hypoallergenic and pthalate-free”).

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how to use coconut oil Kopari launched with four products to start—a face oil, a shimmery body glow, an intensive balm, and a pot of straight up coconut oil (called Coconut Melt)—and will be expanding to include a wider variety, like a sugar scrub and hair products.

And while being able to afford coconut oil can sometimes feel like just as much of a miracle as all of its health benefits, the line’s price point isn’t bad for how much of the ingredient each product contains, with all of them coming in at under $40. They don’t, unfortunately, come with access to life on a catamaran in Hawaii, but you can most definitely breath in the fresh, tropical scents and imagine. —Lisa Elaine Held

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