Would you wear a flower crown?

A budding trend: Once reserved for weddings or music festivals, the blooming headpieces are now a part of New York City day and nightlife.
Flower crown_Christy Meisner
A crown designed by Christy Meisner, who makes custom crowns for celebrities and, now, you. (Photo: crownsbychristy/Instagram)

One sunny Saturday afternoon this past spring, Lauren Gagliardi, and Amy Rhodin, both 25 and working in television production, wanted to get crafty, so they bought a few bunches of daisies and baby’s breath from a bodega in Brooklyn, picked up some flower tape and wire, and met at Rhodin’s Williamsburg apartment…to make flower crowns.

And the friends didn’t stop there. They made pink- and yellow-filled crowns for each other’s birthdays (#friendship) and have even donned the fresh accessories to Brooklyn hotspots like Berry Park and The Wythe Hotel.

Flower crowns are trending. Once a wedding staple (both Gagliardi’s and Rhodin’s mothers wore flower crowns when they tied the knot in the ’80s) and otherwise spotted fairly exclusively at music festivals, like Coachella, the headpieces are now a part of New York City day and nightlife.

What’s inspiring the floral crown’s resurgence?

“When you buy flowers for your home, it’s because you love looking at them and love what they do for your room. That’s why I love the crown, it’s on you, and you can look at it all day. It’s a bouquet on your head, that you designed,” says Gagliardi. “We’re both a little hippie, in that sense, where we would want to wear the crowns out. We also wanted something light-hearted and to not take ourselves too seriously,” she says.

And if you search #flowerchild and #flowercrown on Instagram—Gagliardi and Rhodin are not alone. Many of the photos that pop up are selfies of 20-something women with flower crowns plopped perfectly on their heads.

Flower crowns
Lauren Gagliardi and Amy Rhodin in their handmade flower crowns. (Photo: Gagliardi and Rhodin)

It’s a look that’s fun and feminine. “That innocent, naïve look, with flowers and nature—think Sofia Coppola and The Virgin Suicides—that’s one of my style inspirations. I love the idea of being able to incorporate that into my everyday style,” says Rhodin.

A lot of celebrities are also making the budding headpieces popular again. Lana Del Rey wears one every chance she gets (just Google “Lana Del Rey Flower Crown” and you’ll see what we mean), Jeff Koons wore a custom-made crown on a recent New York magazine cover, and Kate Middleton (aka the Dutchess of style) has even worn one.

Flower crown with blowout?

And, if you’re not into DIY, New York City has you covered (duh)—you can buy a pre-made flower crown the next time you get a blowout. Christy Meisner has made budding crowns for celebs like Drew Barrymore and Nicky Hilton, and now, she’ll be at DreamDry in the Flatiron District every Friday selling headpieces ($20) to go with your hair style. Plus, the price is a lot cheaper than Meisner’s typical prices and other floral designers who sell fresh and silk crowns for anywhere from $38$500.

“I’ve seen women wearing flower crowns at the park, at concerts, and all around town. We love finding new ways to make our customers look and feel beautiful…flower crowns do just that,” says DreamDry co-founder Robin Moraetes.

For Rhodin, that’s exactly how it makes her feel when she’s getting ready for the night. “For me, when I have something special and handmade on, I feel more confident. It makes me feel happier,” says Rhodin,

And the crafty duo doesn’t plan to stop wearing crowns anytime soon. “I would wear one every single day if I could,” Gagliardi says. —Molly Gallagher

Would you wear a flower crown? Tell us in the Comments, below!

Fore more information, visit www.dreamdry.com and www.crownsbychristy.com

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