3 Gorgeous Destinations for the Ultimate Girls Trip

Photo: Haley Woods

Ladies, it’s time to take a break. Seriously. Women everywhere are total warriors who somehow manage to pack superhuman amounts of stuff into a single day—from their careers and household duties to making their own health—as well as that of their loved ones—a priority.

And sure, all these things often mean that your life is full and happy, but sometimes you just need to grab your girlfriends, break away from it all, and spend a few days far away from anything even close to resembling responsibility. But where should you go?

No doubt, wherever you wind up, with your BFFs by your side, you'll have a good time. But if you're looking to make some serious memories with your friends (and snap an epic group selfie for your Instagram feed), there are a trio of locations worth setting a Google Flight alert for, stat. That's according to three different women who have one important thing in common—a serious love of travel—which they share with their thousands of followers on Instagram. Below, each is offering her ultimate girls getaway destination and travel advice. From adventuring in the desert to traipsing through Paris, their suggestions cover it all.

Keep scrolling to find a bit of inspiration, then go ahead and share this with your friends as you plan your next group trip.

1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

“If you’re lucky enough to snag Havasupai permits, be prepared for the best camping trip ever!" says Elisabeth Brentano, AKA @elisabethontheroad. "From waterfalls to plenty of quiet time, this pulls you away from the stress of your work week and puts you in the middle of paradise. There are a handful of day hikes (long and short), but feel free to relax and take a dip in the chilly, but refreshing, pools and falls.

"Four nights is the perfect amount of time to stay, so if you’re looking to do an adventurous long weekend with your ladies, this is the ultimate backpacking trip. Since this is on reservation land, it’s important to respect the rules put in place by the namesake tribe, and that includes no alcohol or campfires. And be aware that it’s a 10-mile hike into the campsite, but trust me—it’s well worth it!” 

Photo: Haley Woods

2. Agra, India

While the Taj Mahal might be enough to draw most people to the Indian city of Agra, Haley Woods, who started the super-popular Instagram feed @girlslovetravel, says it was the chance to meet a girlfriend she'd only known online that drew her to the city initially. "Recently, I went to India to attend the wedding of a GLTer since day one," she says. "This was my first trip to India and our first face-to-face encounter."

And while she definitely recommends seeing the marble museum IRL, she says, ultimately, all you need to make a girls trip great are good people to share it with. "Travel is no longer just about the destination, but also about the people you'll meet and travel with along the way."

3. Paris, France

“Paris is truly my favorite city for a girls getaway," says Nastasia Yakoub, founder of @DameTraveler. "It's one of the most beautiful—not to mention feminine—cities in the world. Everything from shopping in local markets for antiques, [to eating] pastries, bread and wine, to picnics by the Seine. There's an opportunity for an Instaphoto shoot in just about every corner! It's a dream like no other place in the world.”

Another great travel option with your girls is a classic road trip. Just make sure to fuel up on plenty of healthy snacks when you stop for gas

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