9 Invaluable Gifts for Recent Grads (That They’ll *Actually* Like)

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Walking out to pomp and circumstance is a momentous occasion after completing undergrad or defending a dissertation. Graduation typically means saying goodbye to friends, moving to a new city, and, you know, figuring out the next step.

So naturally, you want any gift for the grad in your life to strike the right note—as in, something that (a) commemorates their huge accomplishment, (b) helps kickstart their next chapter, and (c) conveys your pride and joy. Fortunately, Simone LeBlanc—an ace gift curator recognized for her uncanny ability to select slam-dunk presents for any person or occasion—knows exactly how to hit all three targets.

"Gifts send the message of stability, consistency, and the feeling that no matter which path they choose, there’s a guide standing on the sidelines."

“Graduation is the first grand achievement of youth that mirrors and signifies the expectations of adulthood,” LeBlanc says. As such, she recommends classic and practical gifts that "are a welcome into the next phase of the graduate's life and help to instill a sense of tradition and accomplishment."

Better yet, make your favorite post-grad feel seriously special with a personal gift from Tiffany & Co., which makes every essential (and not-so-essential) feel like a keepsake. “Gifts send the message of stability, consistency, and the feeling that no matter which path they choose, there’s a guide standing on the sidelines to cheer them on and offer support if needed,” explains LeBlanc.

Scroll down for 9 classic-chic presents to bestow your favorite post-grad.

Entertaining gifts for graduates from Tiffany & Co


To upgrade their hosting game...

Gift your post-grad who's living it up in a new apartment or city a reason to invite people over. For starters, you can never go wrong with a beautiful candle (inspired by Central Park) with hints of basil, pink pepper, and bergamot to freshen up a new pad.

A sturdy crystal ice bucket is a must-have—whether it's used for weekend brunch or evening sangria. For something more playful, a gorgeous set of playing cards ensures they're always ready for a post-dinner game.


Tiffany & Co graduation gifts for home

To make a tiny apartment feel like home...

Moving into a place that's the size of a shoebox (with two roommates) can be rough. Help your graduate keep their treasures tidy with a gorgeous catch-all box. Out in the kitchen, a chic color-block dish set "builds the character of any home environment,” LeBlanc says.

Know a card-carrying bookworm who collects thrillers, young-adult novels, and cookbooks? These timeless sterling-silver bookends will keep their ever-growing summer-reading stack neat (no matter how large the collection grows).

Tiffany & Co travel gifts for graduates

To make a first trip aboard a little more organized...

There's no better way to celebrate the end of a chapter than a trip of a lifetime (hello, Bali). Encourage your alumna to jet off with luggage that's sturdy, easy-to-spot on the carousel, and built to last a lifetime. Add a stylish luggage tag in for the whole package.

A passport may be the most important thing anyone carries on an international trip—which means a first-class passport cover is in order to protect from espresso spills. Cue fewer worries and more streamlined style—which is the ultimate end goal for any post-grad, anyway.

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