The Grammys Gift Bag Is Packed With Wellness Goodies—Here’s What’s Inside

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As if attending the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards wasn't cool enough—the glitz! the glamour!—there's now another reason why scoring a seat would be the ultimate win: You get a Grammys gift bag that's jam-packed with wellness goodies.

Now, don't get me wrong. Awards show gift bags are always impressively loaded with lavish items that add up to thousands of dollars. But this year has reached peak wellness with a handful of items aimed at your physical and mental health. From a self-watering planter that will fulfill your urban garden dreams to a virtual therapy subscription, these are the things award show attendees are going home with (that you might want to grab for yourself, too).

The best wellness goodies in this year's Grammys gift bag


grammys gift bag

1. HFactor Hydrogen Infused Pure Drinking Water, $15 for pack of 6

No one at the Grammys is going to be lacking energy with this hydrogen-infused water that's not only said to help increase athletic performance and reduce inflammation from exercise, but also work as a caffeine-free pick-me-up and hydration-booster.

2. Muse meditation headband, $350

Meditation is easy with this comfy headband. It has sensors that provide real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements, all of which can help you meditate like a pro.

3. Talkspace subscription, $260-$396/month

If you don't like the idea of seeing a therapist in person, try Talkspace. The Grammys gift bag contains a subscription to the online therapy program that matches you with a therapist who best suits your needs, then allows you to text, audio, or video chat them them wherever and whenever you need to.

4. Daybreaker tickets, $25 to $45 (depending on the city)

Who doesn't love dance parties? Grammys guests also get tickets to Daybreaker, an alcohol-free, wellness-focused morning dance party that's meant to start you day with an endless amount of energy and intention.

5. Lettuce Grow farmstand, $718 for large size (including supplies)

You can grow up to 36 plants with a farmstand. It's self-watering and self-fertilizing, allowing you to have fresh veggies, herbs, and leafy greens whenever you want them.

6. LiveItUp Life School subscription, $99 per year

No matter what your goals are, LiveItUp Life School can help. The platform has experts that guide you though more than 20 different life skills—from finding great friends to having better sex—by texting daily challenges to you.

7. Namasme life coaching, $1,550

Everyone can use a little life coaching, and Grammys talent will be able to gift a loved one with a month of sessions with Mona Green, the life coach behind Namasme. Green is also giving talent a tree sapling they're able to plant themselves in order to help out the environment.

Feeling like another treat? Add a microcurrent facial to your wellness must-have list, too:

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