Green Juice and Coconut Water Combine Forces

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Evolution Fresh introduced new green juices this week, including an innovative combo made for post-workout hydration and hot summer days.

Evolution Fresh
(Photo: Evolution Fresh)

Evolution Fresh introduced new additions to its cold-pressed juice menu this week, including an innovative coconut water-green juice combo made for hot summer days and post-workout hydration, leafy green nutrients included.

The Starbucks-owned company makes all kinds of fruit and veggie juices, but all three of its new flavors are on the green spectrum, bringing its total collection of green juices to five. "If you’re drinking [green juice] regularly, one flavor is not going to be enough," says Evolution's general manager Chris Bruzzo.

And while it will obviously serve fitness buffs looking for post-sweat refreshment with a nutrient boost, Bruzzo expects Coconut and Greens to appeal to green juice newbies, too. "We think it’s going to bring more people in, because it could be a great on-ramp for those just trying green. It's a gulp-able green juice," he says, referring to the more balanced sweetness that coconut water adds.

In addition to the coconut beverage, Evolution Fresh introduced Smooth Greens, a refreshing version that pairs cucumber, pineapple, and mint with leafy goodness, and Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger, a USDA-certified organic option (yay!).

And it's debuting a pilot smoothie program in San Jose and St. Louis that will have baristas blending juice purees with Dannon yogurt. You'll know it's made it to your city if come next year: a "shot of kale" will be listed next to the espresso. —Lisa Elaine Held

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