This Easy Trick Keeps Your Fish From Sticking to the Grill

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Is it even Memorial Day weekend if the grill isn't fired up? Between veggie burgers, greens, and fruit, that thing sees a lot of action from here on out. But if there's one food that's a little tricky it's grilled fish.

With all its healthy fats, grilled fish is an delicious part of the Mediterranean diet. But it's a major buzzkill when your fish sticks to the grates and goes up in flames. (Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but still, it's not great.) Not to mention how annoying it is to clean the grill after.

It turns out there's a simple hack for that. Arranging a layer of lemon slices between the fish and the grill keeps it from sticking while also multitasking to flavor to the dish. All you have to do is place the enough lemon slices on the grill bars to create a bed for the fish to rest upon. No stuck fish. No need to scrub the grill later. Why are the most genius things so simple?

It's actually a cooking trick you can use year-round, too. You know how when you bake fish, it can get stuck to the baking sheet? A layer of lemon slices works the same way in that case, too. Talk about the hack that keeps on giving!

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