I Tried the Most Over-the-Top Workout Class in New York City and Have Some Thoughts

It's the classic Friday night conundrum: do you hit the gym after work, or blow off your workout to go get drinks with your friends? Well, thanks to Grit Bxng—the New York City fitness concept created by none other by Pitbull (the singer) and Tony Robbins (the motivational speaker)—you now don't have to choose between the two, because they've got both under one roof. There's nothing like chasing your treadmill sesh with an electrolyte-packed margarita, huh?

In the latest episode of What the Wellness, senior video producer Ella Dove stops by the studio to see if it lives up to the hype. While the adorable studio pup (a boxer named "Gritty," natch), a glitter punching bag, and a liquor selection might have you thinking you're in for an easy workout, she quickly discovered that it's anything but. The 50-minute class is truly unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced before. It cycles through different modalities including boxing, running, and weightlifting, and by the end of the first round (there are two and a half, ICYWW), you'll be crushed.

"You're so busy trying to be focused on what you're doing and making sure you're following the cues that you don't realize how hard you're working," Dove says of her experience in the gym. "And then when I was sprinting,  I got to the point where I felt like I couldn't go any faster, and couldn't go any harder." Now that's my kind of workout.

To see exactly what kind of workout got Dove to that level of exertion (and exhaustion), check out the video above. Clearly, she earned her post-class mimosa shot.

There's pretty much nothing Ella Dove won't try in the pursuit of wellness. A few examples of some of her weirdest undertakings that will have you asking, "What the wellness?": The time she worked out in freezing temps, the time she got a $2,000 facial, and the time she got a massage for better sleep

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