I Took a Class at Pitbull and Tony Robbins’ *EXTRA* New Workout Studio, and It Ended With an Electrolyte Margarita

Photo: Grit
When an email popped into my inbox back in April with the subject line: "Pitbull and Tony Robbins open new NYC fitness studio," I had a wild mix of thoughts and emotions: 1) utter confusion about WTF these two are doing together and 2) I. need. to. go.

Since I first got the announcement, I've been waiting with bated breath until I could visit Grit Bxng for myself—my colleagues and I had an actual countdown going on in the office. Finally, on August 8th, I got to see what a Pitbull x Tony Robbins workout was all about, and let me tell you: It did not disappoint. In fact, from the moment I walked in it was "International Love" at first sight.

On the day of the opening, there was absolutely no question that I had come to the right place. The blue Swarvoski crystal-encrusted boxing bag and full liquor barwhich serves things like electrolyte-spiked margaritas, hard kombucha, and kale martinis (as well as some mocktails)—in the lobby were clear indicators that this place was owned by Mr. Worldwide himself. Also in the lobby? An actual boxer dog named Gritty, because, of course.

When instructor Anthony Crouchelli opened the doors to the workout room and beckoned for the crowd to come in, I felt like I was strolling into a nightclub. The studio's ceiling flashes colorful, neon lights, the music is booming, and there's an actual stage for the trainer to stand on while he somehow instructs people through three different training sections at the same time. The workout itself is a hybrid-mash-up of three of my favorite fitness modalities: strength training, boxing, and running on a treadmill. It's like Rumble meets Barry's Bootcamp, and I'm not mad about it.

When the instructor opens the doors to the actual workout room and beckoned for the crowd to come in, I felt like I was strolling into a nightclub.

I started at the boxing bag, and punched it out for the first interval while the music blared and lights flashed. What's really impressive about the studio—in addition to the sheer amount of #swag it has, that is—is that there are screens on the walls that demonstrate exactly what strength training moves you're supposed to be doing. Understandably, this is really helpful when you're trying to stay on track with your reps in a dark, crowded, club room. For interval number two, I moved onto weights, and realized that it's very hard to do arm work immediately after boxing. I struggled through it (and survived!), then hit up the treadmill. As soon as I started running, I felt my quads light on fire in the wake of the weighted squats I'd just done. So by the end of round three, both my arms and my legs felt like cement.

grit bxng
Photo: Grit

Then, it was time to cycle through each section again. The room got really steamy and I was extremely out of breath, but the amazing playlist motivated me to push through my exhaustion (side note: I waited the entire time to hear Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" to no avail, which deeply saddens me). Once I finished my last sprint, my wobbly, jello-like legs carried me back to the studio lobby, and I was still panting when someone walked by with a platter of shot glasses filled with clear liquid. "Want an electrolyte margarita?" she asked. To help me decide whether downing tequila post-workout is a wise idea, I summoned up a Tony Robbins quote: "The path to success is to take massive, determined action." In other words: #YOLO.

Four days later, my entire body is still more sore than it's ever been in my life, especially my arms and my quads. That workout was no joke, and it makes perfect sense now that someone like Tony Robbins—who's known for going hard in his workouts—is behind the studio. It essentially takes the three most difficult things you can do in fitness and mashes them together into one 50-minute workout that will leave you breathless. Oh, and good news if you have bitcoin: Grit accepts this as a method of payment, so you're all set. Honestly though, the studio has such a fun vibe to it that I'd prefer taking some of my BFFS to this workout (and hit up the bar afterwards) on a Friday night rather than hit up an actual club. So, you know how Pitbull demands "Give me everything tonight?" Get it all at Grit (if you can snag a spot in one of the quickly sold-out classes, that is).

Here are some expert tips on the most basic boxing moves so you're ready to jab/cross/hook. Once you nail those, try Gigi Hadid's boxing workout, courtesy of her trainer.

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