This Is a Dermatologist’s Favorite (and Most Recommended) At-Home Tool—And It’s Only $15

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If you haven't tried microneedling, it sounds kind of scary. Rolling your face with tons of tiny needles does not sounds fun. But don't fret—board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, says it's not that bad. Plus, it's the at-home skin tool she recommends the most.

"To some people, the idea of sticking a bunch of tiny needles in your face is a complete nightmare. But that's what microneedling essentially does, and thankfully it doesn't feel the way you'd imagine it would," says Dr. Gohara in an episode of Dear Derm on Well+Good’s YouTube channel. "If somebody told me I could only buy one tool I would definitely go with the microneedling device, because I feel like not only does it helps my product, and I am a product junkie, penetrate deeper it also has the benefit of stimulating collagen, which to me is the number one way to make your skin look rejuvenated and more healthy."

GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Micro Facial Roller

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Dr. Gohara explains that these rollers work their magic by causing small wounds. "Teeny tiny needles roll over your skin to stimulate collagen via micro-wounds beneath the skin surface—like teeny-tiny wounds," says Dr. Gohara. "The little microscopic punctures also prep your skin to better absorb the products you use afterward and they boost your circulation which gives you a glow."

In order to get the most out of these tools, Dr. Gohara says you have to use them regularly. "Much like other at-home facial devices, you've got to use them about every other day for good results," she says. Also, be careful about when you use them and how.

"I always use my microneedling at night just because you may get a little pinkness or redness on the face," she says. "Also I don't microneedle in retinoids. I generally microneedle in hydrating products like hyaluronic acid or products that are stimulating collagen, but not retinols like growth factors or vitamin C."

The best thing about at-home microneedling is that it's pretty affordable—the GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Micro Facial Roller is only $15. "[Microneedling tools] are really truly the most inexpensive option," she says. "It's where you get the most bang for your buck." Because it's an at-home device, the needles aren't as big as the ones used by dermatologists and estheticians, meaning it's safe for you to use yourself. Ready to meet your glowiest complexion? Grab your favorite hydrating serums and a microneedling tool and get to work!

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