Taking Your Daily Vitamins Just Got a Lot More Fun, Thanks to These (Low-Sugar) Gummies

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True or false: Being an adult means you have to wear SPF daily, figure out your 401k, and choke down metallic-tasting supplements all in the name of wellness. Okay—the first two are true, but the last one? Not so much.

MegaFood®, a farm-to-tablet supplement brand, just dropped a line of gummy vitamins that you'll actually be pumped to pop daily.

“The gummies are crafted with real foods from farm partners such as organic oranges, cranberries, and ginger,” says Erin Stokes, ND, MegaFood® medical director. “They’re non-GMO and plant-based with absolutely no animal products. They don’t contain any additional sugar coating, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners."

It’s a sweet-tasting health fix—with only two grams of sugar per serving.

Instead, the mixed-fruit gummy supplements tap organic fruits and veggies for a plant-powered boost that tastes like your a.m. smoothie and offers up the essential vitamins you're looking for. It's a sweet-tasting health fix—with only two grams of sugar per serving.

Keep reading to find out why gummy vitamins are now a legit option for your daily wellness routine.

MegaFood gummies

You get the nutrients you need (without stuff you don't want)

The four varieties of gummy vitamins were created with the most common deficiencies in the U.S. in mind: vitamin C for immunity, B12 for energy, and D3 for overall wellness*.

"Most consumers are taking a foundational multivitamin and then adding a specific vitamin to fill gaps in the diet," Stokes explains. "Having each of these different vitamins available in a gummy allows people to supplement specific vitamins to meet their individual needs."*

What you won't be getting is a surprising amount of sugar. The gummy supplements you're used to (ahem, the ones that might remind you of Gushers) can have as much as five to six grams of sugar (or more) per serving, according to Stokes, while MegaFood® supplements only have two grams or less per serving. Sweet.

MegaFood Gummy vitamins

Each gummy is made with real food sourced from trusted farm partners

From the farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and herbs that make up MegaFood® supplements, to the live cams in its manufacturing facilities, it's a totally transparent process.

"We will buy over half a million pounds of fresh produce this year from our network of farmers, all delivered to our back door," Stokes says. To turn that farm-sourced produce into gummies, whole fruits are pureed "into something resembling an Italian ice," Stokes adds, and then undergo a drying process that preserves the nutrients and natural flavors before they undergo further gummy-vitamin magic. In other words, the bar has been raised on (delicious) wellness-boosting supplements.

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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