How to Find Out If Your Gut Is *Actually* Balanced

You pop a probiotic daily and have even added kimchi to your snack rotation. But how do you really know whether your digestive efforts are making a difference?

Actually, it’s easy—just grab a BIOHM Gut Report Kit. The at-home test is basically a credit report for your microbiome, and includes tips to help you get to the next level.

The comprehensive sequencing test is the first to identify exactly which types of bacteria and fungi are living in your gut (because yes, fungi is important for digestion too), so you can figure out which lifestyle changes or supplements will get you closer to bloat-free bliss.

And unlike most microbiome tests, you don’t need a doctor to order this one for you. So in just three steps you can find out if you’re finding a state of “om” in your microbiome.

Click here to get your gut-balance report card—and find out once and for all how balanced your digestive system really is.

In partnership with BIOHM

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

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